The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 2690

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Clues Answers
Alcohol I consumed at food counter in a frenzy DELIRIUM
Backed some debate that is key on computer TAB
Commits to notices being displayed signs up
Comprehensive, even if approximate THOROUGH
Dark-skinned couple making a bow black tie
Didn’t get on a horse evidently for cattle round-up? RODEO
Father fast making highest church office PAPACY
Fetches book and phones home brings in
First course perhaps is very revolting SOUP
Fixed time in animal lair SETT
Frame of mind almost low MOO
Huge performance by worker in charge GIGANTIC
Island incorporated hotel INCH
Clues Answers
Like a cat, boy with that many lives? LEONINE
Make oneself scarce, grabbing right topcoat VARNISH
Married, rolling back years, appearing so fresh? DEWY
Old musical that needs regular cutting? HAIR
One offering treatment, the first to include music THERAPIST
Opening special broadcast is work of bishop EPISCOPAL
Point of fork catching wife’s thread TWINE
Police force is back for support STEM
Punch comedian and gossip CHINWAG
Rejecting some cappuccino for tea CUPPA
Sensitive girl, Clea, all of a muddle ALLERGIC
Wife finally opening a can, enjoyed home cooking? ate in
Work over travelling round EU OEUVRE