L.A. Times Daily - Jun 4 2024

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Clues Answers
"Good enough" ITLLDO
"Mm-hmm" YEP
"SportsCenter" network ESPN
"The Great __ Baking Show" BRITISH
Actress Russo RENE
Ad-__: improvise LIB
Add up to TOTAL
Anna's sister in "Frozen" ELSA
Anthem heard in Nova Scotia OCANADA
Applied to USEDON
Baltimore ballplayer ORIOLE
Band bookings GIGS
Bettor's adviser TIPSTER
Billy __ GOAT
Brings down TOPPLES
Cable network with many reruns TBS
Calendar viewing option MONTH
Celebratory shouts YAYS
Civil rights activist Parks ROSA
Coffee bean variety ARABICA
Combat sport, briefly MMA
Commotions ADOS
Coral producer POLYP
Cushion PAD
Deep blue dye ANIL
Earth Day time APRIL
Feline who lives indoors HOUSECAT
Filmmaker DuVernay AVA
Former quarterback Manning ELI
Groups of troops ARMIES
Harp-shaped constellation LYRA
Herb in Italian seasoning OREGANO
Job inspection org OSHA
Judy Garland or Cher GAYICON
Lawyer's org ABA
More adroit DEFTER
Native Costa Ricans, informally TICOS
Clues Answers
Neither's partner NOR
Nest egg letters IRA
New York City rodent that went viral in 2015 PIZZARAT
Not fooled by ONTO
NPR host Shapiro ARI
Oft-torn knee pt ACL
Olympic gymnast Biles SIMONE
Parts of lbs OZS
Persian Gulf country that borders Armenia IRAN
Pool or polo GAME
Precious stone GEM
Prime-time soap opera set in Texas DALLAS
Quite large SIZABLE
Read quickly SKIMMED
Really fun person, or an apt descriptor of 17-, 25-, 37-, and 52-Across? PARTYANIMAL
Revenue source for magazines ADSALES
Rx items MEDS
Salt, in French SEL
School support orgs PTAS
Seed-filled percussion pair MARACAS
Seoul-based athleisure brand FILA
Spanish brother HERMANO
Stop END
Storage tower SILO
Subj. for some new immigrants ESL
Tooth's outer layer ENAMEL
Understood, as a joke GOT
Unit of explosive force GIGATON
Unwilling (to) LOATH
Vanity Fair publisher Condé __ NAST
Vegetable patch pest GARDENSNAIL
Walked stealthily SNEAKED
Washington neighbor IDAHO
Workplace companion OFFICEDOG
Zoo section with birds AVIARY
__ Domini ANNO
__/her pronouns SHE