Universal - Jun 3 2024

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Clues Answers
"Cool" nickname for Val's "Top Gun: Maverick" character ICEMAN
"Funny you should ___ ..." ASK
"Moneyball" actor Chris PRATT
"___ we there yet?" ARE
"___-haw!" YEE
*Bad spot to land on in Monopoly INCOMETAX
*Dog breed whose first club was formed in Dublin IRISHTERRIER
*Lazy river inflatable INNERTUBE
Act hastily RUSH
Actress Roberts JULIA
Actress Stone SHARON
Anxiety episode PANICATTACK
Any object ITEM
At most UPTO
Baking vessel PAN
Base x height, for a parallelogram AREA
Biblical pronoun THEE
Boxing legend ALI
Businesses, briefly COS
Catches a glimpse of SEES
Cleaned out EMPTIED
Cola brand PEPSI
Colony member? ANT
Cooking measurements: Abbr TSPS
Extravagant publicity HYPE
Fearsome noise in a jungle ROAR
Fencing sword EPEE
Finishes ENDS
Fishing decoy LURE
Gentle runs? BUNNYSLOPES
Give a test ASSESS
Greek letter hidden in "epsilon" PSI
Halloween's mo OCT
In need of charging DEAD
Inventor Thomas EDISON
Jolly fella SANTA
Kind of bug also called a May beetle JUNE
Lacto-___ vegetarian OVO
Clues Answers
Light-colored beer, briefly IPA
Lime green or peach COLOR
Michael of "The Office" SCOTT
MLK Day's day MON
Most experienced in life OLDEST
Mysterious loch NESS
Nimble AGILE
One who takes advantage of others USER
Pedi's partner MANI
Personal problem? EGO
Piece of prom attire TUX
Piece of smack talk ... or, read differently, a description of the starred clues' answers ITSGOINGDOWN
Prayer supports? KNEES
Present, e.g., in grammar TENSE
Really dislike HATE
Soap opera genre DRAMA
Some golf tournaments OPENS
Spanish for "daddy" PAPI
Speck of land in the sea ISLE
Stealthy assassin NINJA
They fall in the fall LEAVES
They start in January YEARS
They're worn under a tutu TIGHTS
Three, in Italy TRE
Totals SUMS
TV cable letters HDMI
U.S. state closest to Europe MAINE
U.S. transit system that serves Washington DCMETRO
URL beginning HTTP
Waikiki's island OAHU
Wake-up call? MORNIN
Well-known NOTED
What a softball player swings BAT
Win all the games SWEEP
Word following "ball" or "fire" PIT
Write quickly JOT
___ by the rules ABIDE
___ it (has a great performance) KILLS