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Clues Answers
"Ask — questions ..." MENO
"Celebrity Rehab" host DRDREW
"I haven't gotten word yet" NONEWS
"I volunteer!" USEME
"Je t'—" ("I love you," in Paris) AIME
"Je —" ("I am," in Paris) SUIS
"Likely story!" IBET
"Little" girl in "Hairspray" INEZ
"Nuts!" DRAT
"Omoo" writer Melville HERMAN
"Pata Pata" singer Makeba MIRIAM
"Well now!" OHO
"— -Ca-Dabra" (1974 hit song) ABRA
"— So Fine" HES
2020 U.S. Open winner Osaka NAOMI
5 and 10, but not V and X ARABICNUMERALS
A long time AGES
Actress Issa or Charlotte RAE
Adar, Nisan and Tishri HEBREWMONTHS
Alternative to Kool-Aid or Hi-C HAWAIIANPUNCH
Angsty rock subgenre EMO
Anxious condition, for short OCD
Apt directive for solvers of this puzzle WATCHYOURTONGUE
Assoc ORG
Bandleader Arnaz DESI
Banquet liquid holders URNS
Baptism or matrimony RITE
Big melees RIOTS
Bird's refuge NEST
Bit of a giggle HEE
Blogger Klein EZRA
Blood fluid SERUM
Bullet point ITEM
Bumped into MET
Central point NODE
Certain Fed GMAN
Cheese, in Chihuahua QUESO
City in Ohio DAYTON
City near San Diego LAMESA
Comment just after waking IMUP
Corn serving EAR
Cuts, as a lawn MOWS
Debate topic ISSUE
Debt note IOU
Decaf brand SANKA
Decorative enamelware CLOISONNE
Entertainer Ross or Rigg DIANA
Expropriate SEIZE
Extra benefit ADDEDBONUS
Famed ethnic fighters ZULUWARRIORS
Flax-colored GOLDEN
Floor decor RUGS
Folkie Phil OCHS
Former space station MIR
Former U.N. chief Kofi ANNAN
Found out, to Brits LEARNT
Frat party dispensers BEERKEGS
Gas brand in Canada ESSO
General site AREA
Godzilla or Grendel MONSTER
Gp. for people 50 and up AARP
Hard rain HAIL
Horse father SIRE
Hush-hush SECRET
Indian tea CHAI
Indonesian island BALI
Infant's cry WAH
Inferior grade DEE
Instruments such as maracas and congas LATINPERCUSSION
Intermingle BLEND
IRS hiree CPA
Israelites' Promised Land CANAAN
Italian cheese ASIAGO
Clues Answers
Jan. preceder DEC
Knee, elbow or shoulder problem BURSITIS
Koranic faith ISLAM
LAX listings ETAS
Legal claim on property LIEN
Lifesaving sites, in brief ERS
Like galaxies ASTRAL
Like much music of the '90s ONCD
Liquefied by heat MOLTEN
Little demon IMP
Loose-skinned citrus fruit MANDARINORANGE
Lost tabbies STRAYCATS
Make fun of TEASE
Make hostile ALIENATE
Makes illegal BANS
Match unit SET
Maui gift LEI
Mendeleev who created the periodic table DMITRI
Mensa stats IQS
Mexican money PESO
Mongolia's — Bator ULAN
Most fancy duds SUNDAYBEST
Mrs., in Essen FRAU
Mu — shrimp SHU
Mystery ENIGMA
Nagging pain ACHE
Old Thailand SIAM
Omelet meat HAM
One or more ANY
Originally named NEE
Oscar winner Penn SEAN
Pack-carrying equine ASS
Paris airport ORLY
PC shortcut MACRO
Pine- — (disinfectant) SOL
Political exile EMIGRE
Pop's Celine DION
Pop's Easton SHEENA
Precious DEAR
Pudding thickener TAPIOCA
Rejections NOS
Rembrandt, Vermeer or Hals DUTCHMASTER
Rodeo lasso RIATA
Runner Bolt USAIN
Rustic hotel INN
See 130-Across SEA
Self-description after a lifestyle change NEWME
Self-motivation mantra ICAN
Short note MEMO
Sign gas NEON
Skip off to the altar ELOPE
Slow-moving mollusk SNAIL
Smoked thing, for short CIG
Snow vehicle SLED
Speller's clarifying words ASIN
Sport played on horseback POLO
Stair part STEP
Stratagem GAMBIT
Sumac of song YMA
Swiss money FRANC
Tennis' Arthur ASHE
The Bollywood film industry HINDICINEMA
Ticket ends STUBS
To a great degree SORELY
Tranquillity PEACE
Tranquillity EASE
Ultimatum ending ORELSE
Uncool character DWEEB
Upper-left PC key ESC
With 53-Across, section of the northern Atlantic SARGASSO
Zodiac lion LEO
— es Salaam, Tanzania DAR
— Reader (magazine) UTNE