New York Times - Apr 13 2011

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Clues Answers
#1 ___ (gift T-shirt slogan) DAD
'Absolutely!' YES
'All done!' THERE
'Il convivio' writer DANTE
'Shake a leg!' CMON
'Unto us ___ is given' ASON
'Well, ___-di- dah!' LAH
'Woman With a Pearl' painter COROT
'You ___ right!' ARESO
'___ the opinion that ...' IMOF
1980s South African president BOTHA
1984 best-selling business autobiography IACOCCA
1987 duet by Eric Clapton and Tina Turner TEARINGUSAPART
60 minutes, in Siena ORA
Abate, with 'up' LET
Abbr. sometimes written twice in a row ETC
Actress Ryan of 'Boston Public' JERI
Anesthetized UNDER
Astronaut's wear GSUIT
Bank statement abbr. DEP
Bygone Acura that's involved in a crackup at 17-, 23-, 45- and 55-Across? INTEGRA
Called, as Buckingham Palace RANGUP
City on the Strait of Gibraltar TANGIERMOROCCO
Collapsed company of 2001 ENRON
Comedy club standouts RIOTS
Cultural phenomenon of the '60s OPART
Doorbell sound DONG
Evening, in ads NITE
Formerly much-ballyhooed fitness program TAEBO
Genetic messenger RNA
High praise RAVE
Humanoid race in 'Avatar' NAVI
In ___ fertilization VITRO
Increase, with 'up' REV
Ink-colored, in Shakespeare EBON
Jannings of 'The Last Command' EMIL
Kobe cash YEN
Clues Answers
Line that goes to the North Pole? DEARSANTA
Maine college town ORONO
Make like MIMIC
McSorley's order ALE
Melted ice cream, e.g. GOO
Modern address ending ORG
Monastic offices PRIORATES
Naval route STRAIT
Nitwit DODO
Nudity might lead to this RRATING
Of service UTILE
One of the Twelve Olympians ARES
Pacific salmon COHOS
Passion ARDOR
Played records at a party DJED
Previous to, in verse ERE
Punch-drunk SLAPHAPPY
Rebuke to a thankless wretch YOUINGRATE
Second ed. REPR
So last year PASSE
Something to reflect on? AXIS
Spring sound BOING
Subway stop: Abbr. STN
Suffix with trillion AIRE
Talking point? DAIS
Tip of a tongue? ESE
Tristan or Isolde OPERAROLE
Truism AXIOM
Turkish title AGA
Vacation time, for short RANDR
Val d'___ (French ski resort) ISERE
Vegan side dishes PEASALADS
Watts of 'The Ring' NAOMI
Wisconsin's state rock REDGRANITE
___ Martin ASTON
___ shui FENG