The Guardian - Quick crossword No 16,856 - May 15 2024

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Clues Answers
(US) swindling individual GRIFTER
Ancient Middle Eastern empire ASSYRIA
Animosity HATE
Cosy – room in a pub SNUG
Educational courses CURRICULUM
Freshwater silvery fish with reddish-brown fins ROACH
Go before PRECEDE
Greek island setting of Gerald Durrell's My Family and Other Animals CORFU
Guinness or Douglas-Home? ALEC
Individual's self-defeating action OWNGOAL
Irritating ITCHY
It concludes a statement FULLSTOP
Clues Answers
Logical, lucid RATIONAL
Money-making operation? MINT
Physical BODILY
Rolling stone WANDERER
Scruffy child RAGAMUFFIN
Shout insults JEER
Sound of a hoofbeat CLOP
Stitched up DARNED
Study of skin complaints – gloomy trade (anag) DERMATOLOGY