The Guardian - Quick crossword No 16,855 - May 14 2024

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Clues Answers
(A) long way FARCRY
(Old-fashioned) copy CRIB
British breakfast dish of fish, rice and egg KEDGEREE
Don't interfere! HANDSOFF
Done for SUNK
Electricity generator WINDFARM
Enthusiastic AVID
Experimental – VAT a danger (anag) AVANTGARDE
It's not played at home AWAYGAME
Laugh – or cry HOWL
Look after TEND
Loud banging or ringing CLANGOUR
Clues Answers
Luxuriate (in a bath, say) WALLOW
Muscle and tissue at the back of the roof of the mouth SOFTPALATE
Nancy cedes (anag) – sway ASCENDENCY
Not expressed UNVOICED
Overbearing OPPRESSIVE
Pleasing LOVELY
Powered flight AVIATION
Scottish hillside BRAE
Sit here SOFA
Unambiguous CLEARCUT
Worship REVERE