L.A. Times Daily - May 14 2024

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Clues Answers
"A Doll's House" playwright Henrik IBSEN
"As far as __ tell ... " ICAN
"Never gonna happen" UHNO
"Queen of Neo Soul" Erykah BADU
"Rich People Problems" novelist Kevin KWAN
"You __ busted!" ARESO
Actress Fonda JANE
Actress Hayek Pinault SALMA
AFB truant AWOL
Al __: firm, as pasta DENTE
Bass of 'N Sync LANCE
Big to-do STINK
Bouncy gait TROT
Breathable fabric LINEN
Buzzing ALIVE
California's state flower POPPY
Campus mil. group ROTC
Centers of activity HUBS
Class for some immigrants: Abbr ESL
Coast Guard rank: Abbr ENS
Comfy cozy TOASTY
Complicated discussion topic, and an apt description of the start of 20-, 35-, or 40-Across? STICKYSUBJECT
Conspiring clique CABAL
Cuatro y cuatro OCHO
Dano of "The Fabelmans" PAUL
Dell competitor ACER
Demerits DINGS
Disclose LETON
Edward Cullen's love interest in the "Twilight" series BELLASWAN
Expand one's horizons BRANCHOUT
Fitness tracker units STEPS
Fuzzy fruit KIWI
Geography book ATLAS
Hospital dept ICU
Joni Mitchell's "Both __ Now" SIDES
Like draft beer ONTAP
Mahalia Jackson's genre GOSPEL
Masterpiece OPUS
Merry GAY
Clues Answers
Mining yields ORES
NBA two-pointer DUNK
Nightstand light LAMP
Not fem. or neut MASC
Not odd EVEN
Of the distant past LONGGONE
Overflows (with) TEEMS
Overturn UNDO
Oxen harness YOKE
Pad see ew cuisine THAI
Pealed RANG
Performances ACTS
Pet with separation anxiety, perhaps VELCRODOG
Philosopher who espoused simple explanations OCCAM
Piano exercise ETUDE
Quartz suffix ITE
Really, really want COVET
Rorschach pattern INKBLOT
Round flatbread ROTI
School URL ending EDU
Scottish cap TAM
SimCity console, in brief SNES
Sir Michael of acting CAINE
Small drink SIP
Snatch TAKE
Some jazz groups TRIOS
Specialized curriculum in a public school MAGNETPROGRAM
Tahiti and Bora Bora ISLES
Texter's "No idea" IDK
Tit for __ TAT
Trojan War epic by Homer ILIAD
Uno y uno DOS
Westernmost country of continental Africa SENEGAL
Wharton biz school home PENN
Yoga surface MAT
Young goat KID
YouTube spots ADS