Universal - May 13 2024

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Clues Answers
"Correct" YES
"Last Week Tonight With John Oliver" airer HBO
"Quiet!" SILENCE
"Suppose so" IGUESS
"Toodle-oo!" BYENOW
"___ be my pleasure!" ITD
"___ said it!" YOU
*Converter that plugs into a certain PC port USBADAPTER
*Fred Flintstone catchphrase YABBADABBADOO
*Hit the bar for happy hour, say GRABADRINK
*Some coral reef explorers SCUBADIVERS
Accommodating OBLIGING
Allow LET
Alter ego of Bruce Wayne BATMAN
Appear to be SEEMSO
Bathroom bar SOAP
Belittled ABASED
Benghazi's land LIBYA
Bundle of cash WAD
Capital of Colombia BOGOTA
Capital of Ghana ACCRA
Capote, familiarly TRU
Charlotte, Emily or Anne of literature BRONTE
Chicago airport code ORD
Chow mein alternative CHOPSUEY
Condition causing repetitive behavior: Abbr OCD
Core group? ABS
Cry from Homer Simpson DOH
Donkey ASS
Ear-to-ear smiles GRINS
ETA predictor GPS
Exam for some college srs GRE
First piece presented at a trial EXHIBITA
Fish popular in Filipino cuisine TILAPIA
Flamenco cheers OLES
Garden tool HOE
Gather AMASS
Headquartered (in) BASED
Clues Answers
Hit AMC crime drama starring Bryan Cranston ... and what the words in the starred clues' answers are doing, literally? BREAKINGBAD
Inflicted upon DIDTO
Inquire ASK
Jobs for musicians or freelancers GIGS
Kindergarten basics ABCS
Lava lamp lump BLOB
Letters for your closest pal BFF
Lowest point NADIR
Melted together FUSED
Missing from a mil. base AWOL
Mooch, as a cigarette BUM
Mostly used-up pencil NUB
Not yet born INUTERO
Ore. neighbor IDA
Pied ___ PIPER
Place confidence in ENTRUST
Playbill blurb BIO
Rocks in a cocktail ICE
Rowdy crowd MOB
Scatters, as seeds SOWS
Shared deep feelings OPENEDUP
Skillet, e.g PAN
Sound of a coin dropping into a fountain PLOP
Special ___ (military units) FORCES
Spotify categories GENRES
Texter's "Much appreciated!" THX
Three-___ sloth TOED
Tiny fly MIDGE
Toy brick LEGO
Trapezist, e.g ACROBAT
Tupperware topper LID
Up to, briefly TIL
Walk heavily PLOD
Web address URL
Wreck RUIN
___ out a victory EKE
___-free (water bottle claim) BPA