Universal - May 11 2024

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Clues Answers
"Act your ___, not your shoe size" AGE
"Aw, shucks!" OHGEE
"General Hospital," e.g SOAP
"Gimme gimme gimme!" IWANTITALL
"I feel seen" ITME
"Too ___ cooks ..." MANY
1623 Shakespeare collection FIRSTFOLIO
Abbr. that shortens a list ETC
Amazement AWE
At peace SERENE
Big name in lawn care SCOTTS
Bit of condensation BEAD
Brand sponsoring some swim meets SPEEDO
Bronte sister who used the pen name Acton Bell ANNE
Cabbie's charge FARE
Candy whose name is a portmanteau of "twin snacks" TWIX
Certain pit crew NASCARTEAM
Clearasil target ACNE
Course of action PLAN
Early Hollywood icon West MAE
Email folder SENT
Frozen drink brand ICEE
Frozen tater bit TOT
Great Plains Native OTOE
Happy meals? COMFORTFOOD
Has some Bubblicious CHEWS
Hirsute TV cousin ITT
Inbox confirmation READRECEIPT
Initialism before "Zion" in some church names AME
Inspire morally EDIFY
Is a good dog OBEYS
Its flowers can be squeezed open and shut SNAPDRAGON
Keep a cool head STAYCALM
Kids' playground "immunization" COOTIESHOT
Lead-in to "system" or "tourism" ECO
Less punctual LATER
Lhasa ___ APSO
Clues Answers
Light some candles, pour some wine, put on some Al Green .. SETTHEMOOD
Light-colored beer PALEALE
Lion's sound ROAR
McNally's mapmaking partner RAND
Monastery leader ABBOT
Native of Damascus SYRIAN
Neighbor of Fiji SAMOA
Observe with 43-Down GAPEAT
Ontario MLB city: Abbr TOR
Org. monitoring air quality EPA
Packing containers CRATES
Pageant winner's headwear TIARA
Palindromic expression of amusement LOL
PC file suffix EXE
Place for posers? PHOTOBOOTH
Politicians' errors GAFFES
Reporter's jurisdiction BEAT
Sammy of a 1998 home run race SOSA
Shawkat of "Arrested Development" ALIA
Some profs' degrees PHDS
Strongholds BASTIONS
Teeming RIFE
They can be liquid or frozen ASSETS
They might cross aves STS
Timbuktu's country MALI
Tool storage building SHED
Trim the lawn MOW
TV awards EMMYS
University near Burlington, N.C ELON
Use an axe CHOP
What a horseshoe protects HOOF
When Iago reveals that he hates Othello ACTI
Word on the street, in short GOSS
World of Warcraft, e.g ONLINEGAME
___ ballistic (flipped out) WENT
___ Lanka SRI