The Guardian - Weekend crossword No 696 - May 11 2024

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Clues Answers
"Don't worry, __" – Bobby McFerrin's advice? BEHAPPY
Arkansas town where, according to Bill Cinton, "it all began"? HOPE
Bruce __, Jim Carrey movie ALMIGHTY
Christopher __, former MI6 officer whose dossier on Donald Trump and Russia was a feature of the 2016 presidential campaign STEELE
David __ MP, Shadow Secretary of State for foreign, commonwealth and development affairs LAMMY
Designer of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC MAYALIN
Eliot's cruellest month? APRIL
How hte Sun reported the sinking of the Belgrano in 1982 GOTCHA
Irish province LEINSTER
Nye __, Minister of Health in the Attlee government BEVAN
Patrick __, Irish republican convicted of the 1984 Brighton bombing MAGEE
Portsmouth F.C.'s nickname POMPEY
See 16 Down LAPPER
Clues Answers
See 9 HOMO
Shakespeare character for whom "nothing can come of nothing"? KINGLEAR
Shakespeare character for whom "the quality of mercy is not strain'd"? PORTIA
The capital of the DRC KINSHASA
The __, area of Trafalgar Square used for public art FOURTH
Words, in Latin, attributed to Pontius Pilate – or a 1999 work by Mark Wallinger shown on the 7/8 ECCE
__ Collins, pseudonym adopted by Ellen Redknap ERROLL
__ con carne, Mexican dish CHILLI
__ Hill, smart area of San Francisco NOB
__ Leith, celebrity restaurateur and author PRUE
__ Pregnant, feature of the 7/8 in 2005 ALISON