Universal - May 7 2024

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Clues Answers
"I'm Coming Out" singer Diana ROSS
"In my opinion ..." IFEEL
"Moby-Dick" captain AHAB
"Oh, I figured it out!" AHA
"Oops, my fault!" SORRY
"rly?" SRSLY
"The Silence of the Lambs" bean FAVA
"The Wind ___" (Studio Ghibli film about an aviation engineer) RISES
"To a ..." poem ODE
"___ Face" (Lady Gaga song) POKER
"___ your imagination!" USE
20 Questions answer, possibly YES
Actor Meadows TIM
Apple device you may draw on IPAD
Award similar to a Tony OBIE
Baby ___ (fashion label relaunched by Kimora Lee Simmons) PHAT
Back-comb TEASE
Barks sharply YIPS
Be of help AVAIL
Boring routines RUTS
Bright stars NOVAS
Burn slightly CHAR
Capitol Hill staffers AIDES
Cat sound PURR
Chaired LED
Climb Camelback Mountain, say HIKE
Crisp, herb-infused wafer ROSEMARYCRACKER
Dodge, as a green shell in Mario Kart EVADE
E.T.'s vehicle UFO
Earth, in Latin TERRA
Egyptian snake ASP
English or computer science MAJOR
Experiment TEST
Fandango purchase MOVIETICKET
Floral-scented brew JASMINETEA
Goal AIM
Hit the big time GOFAR
Kind of dish in a biology lab PETRI
Laptop brand ACER
Made less challenging EASED
Clues Answers
Manic Panic hair product DYE
Mini-___ (small store) MART
Minor mistake SLIP
Moisturizer brand OLAY
Neighbor of Utah IDAHO
Ohio MLB team REDS
Part of a key chain? ISLE
Partner of "neither" NOR
Passageways HALLS
Pencil remnants NUBS
Pictures of texts, say SCREENGRABS
Pong creator ATARI
Pose a question ASK
Prank GAG
Roth ___ IRA
Russian "no" NYET
School org PTA
Sculptures and such ART
Sleeve fillers ARMS
Slides on an icy road SKIDS
Soft French wheel BRIECHEESE
Spanish for "house" CASA
Stage prompt CUE
Step on it! GAS
Strong smells ODORS
Sweet cookie with a bit of spice GINGERSNAP
Tamagotchi or Slinky TOY
The thing here THIS
They have many followers NORMS
Tolerate ABIDE
Totally awesome EPIC
Track events MEETS
Travel document VISA
Trendy snack-based meal ... or what 16-, 24-, 38- and 49-Across might aptly constitute GIRLDINNER
Triage sites: Abbr ERS
Use a keyboard TYPE
Word after "sit" or "Jet" SKI
___ cup (Starbucks order for a dog) PUP
___ de la Madre (Mother's Day, in Spanish) DIA