Family Time - May 6 2024

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Clues Answers
"Have you ___ been to Cleveland?" EVER
"I agree, Lord" AMEN
"The One and Only Ivan" animal APE
"To Kill a Mockingbird" author LEE
"We ___ on the way to the park" ARE
A fresh beginning ANEW
Added to one's knowledge LEARNED
Annoying person or bug PEST
Anticipate with fear DREAD
Apartment payment RENT
Barnyard biddy HEN
Bee's place HIVE
Benefit PERK
Boar's abode STY
Broad WIDE
Caribou relative ELK
Cheerleaders have it PEP
Chicken serving LEG
Common fuel GAS
Contract provision CLAUSE
Desserts with ice cream and milk SHAKES
Easy-Bake ___ (baking toy) OVEN
Exceeded 65 mph in a 45 zone SPED
Fade to black and cut the sound END
Farmer's locale, in a song DELL
Fencing piece? SWORD
Fowl of Australia EMU
Get touchy? FEEL
Go "What am I seeing?" with the eyes GAWK
Inventor's need IDEA
It can be a bust? ART
It can land on a snowfield SKIPLANE
Length x width AREA
Clues Answers
Make a serious attempt TRY
Maple tree output SAP
Monastery resident MONK
Moving magma LAVA
One of China's languages MANDARIN
One time around a track LAP
Output from a drummer BEAT
Part of "C/O" CARE
Part of a fence GATE
Peach kin with smooth skin NECTARINE
Political asylum seeker EMIGRE
Possibly PERHAPS
Quiet ___ mouse (2 words) ASA
Race me to that tree RUN
Rounded stadium roof DOME
Sew up that big sock hole MEND
Space object STAR
Spoken out loud ORAL
Stick-y ring-toss target PEG
Suffix with "Japan" ESE
Table leveler SHIM
Take to court SUE
Ten cents DIME
That girl skipping rope SHE
That girl skipping rope HER
The next life HEREAFTER
Things crunched in a gym ABS
Too-hot bathwater will do this SCALD
Trousers feature PLEAT
Type of 9-Down animal PET
Uncrease a shirt IRON
What the police do sometimes ARREST
Wild's opposite TAME