Family Time - May 5 2024

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Clues Answers
"Code" in a phone number AREA
"Is" multiplied? ARE
365 billion days, astronomically EON
7-Down now EAT
A strange canal? ERIE
Acting Majors? LEE
Any group of seven SEPTET
Arctic barker SEAL
Arrive COME
Assist's criminal partner ABET
Assistance HELP
Baking necessity OVEN
Balloon material? LEAD
Be concerned CARE
Big tip of a big mountain ALP
Bird symbolizing happiness LARK
Breakfast for many CEREAL
Center of the wheel HUB
Close the door rudely SLAM
Cloth for cleaning RAG
Comprehend a book READ
Decay, as rock ERODE
Do a chore in October RAKE
Drive-___ (fast-food convenience) THRU
Emulates a bunny HOPS
Ewe's pasture LEA
Female member of the family AUNT
Fine cotton fabric PIMA
Had liverwurst and pickles ATE
Have sincere regrets RUE
Have the idea for CONCEIVE
Herring relative SHAD
Influential historical time period ERA
Large HUGE
Clues Answers
Like a dental exam ORAL
Medieval bodysuit ARMOR
Muck go-with MIRE
Name before "cat" or "Belcher" BOB
Natural cut covering SCAB
Neutral color TAN
Not a st., but close AVE
Not false TRUE
Overflowing AWASH
Part of a tennis court NET
Particular vegetable PEA
Pear-shaped instrument of old LUTE
Petty thief CROOK
Place a wager BET
Place for your dinner PLATE
Pre-release software version BETA
Razor-billed diving bird AUK
Ripped TORE
Sis' counterpart BRO
Square for a window shopper? PANE
Street corner fixture LAMPPOST
Take a nice break REST
Thin strip of wood SLAT
Tossed seeds around STREW
Try to prevent DETER
Type of hairstyle AFRO
Very tiny amount IOTA
Vocal range ALTO
Vote out of office OUST
Wet/dry ___ (shop cleaner) VAC
What banks and libraries do LEND
Will recipient HEIR
Winter bug? FLU
Word with "tall" or "fairy" TALE