Universal - May 3 2024

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Clues Answers
"Bro," for "brother" SLANG
"Go get 'em!" LOOKALIVE
"It's the truth, I swear!" NOLIE
"O Canada! ___ home and native land!" OUR
"Once in a blue moon," for one IDIOM
"Winnie-the-Pooh" author MILNE
"___ not your fault" ITS
*Brewery offerings TATTLES
*Handles with skill FITNESSTEST
*It may sweeten the pot STUTTGART
*Santa's hearty declaration HOTHOTHOT
3.0, maybe, for a B student GPA
Aunt, in Mexico TIA
Author Anais NIN
Baby food container JAR
Back talk LIP
Bean type used in chili PINTO
Bench warmer? SEATPAD
Candy that is dispensed PEZ
Cinque + uno SEI
Cultivates FARMS
D&D, e.g RPG
Declare SAY
Deer of film BAMBI
Desert lifeline OASIS
Dirty kind of campaign SMEAR
Disentangle ... or a phonetic hint to interpreting the starred clues' answers TEASEOUT
E-commerce giant ALIBABA
Electric car brand TESLA
Elegance GRACE
Experimentation site LAB
Farm mother EWE
Feature of many a dog collar IDTAG
Garden tool HOE
Grazing ground LEA
Hawaiian party LUAU
Homer's utterance DOH
Hopeless feeling DESPAIR
Important IDs SSNS
Clues Answers
Islamic religious text QURAN
It flows in a fountain WATER
Item that a prankster throws EGG
Joints "broken" by a good deke, in hockey ANKLES
Kermit's greeting HIHO
Large crowd HORDE
Lazy ___ (kitchen cabinet feature) SUSAN
Longtime "PBS NewsHour" anchor Jim LEHRER
Many NFL stars QBS
Metal whose atomic number is 30 ZINC
Nemesis FOE
Number of stars in our solar system ONE
Opposite of post- PRE
Packs (down) TAMPS
Partake (in) ENGAGE
Perfect places EDENS
Political TV channel CSPAN
Professional forgers? SMITHS
Requested ASKEDFOR
Roman sweetheart CARA
Rudolph's red feature NOSE
See 17-Across ORA
Skating venues RINKS
Small particle ATOM
Smooth entry to a pool SWANDIVE
Soft flower part PETAL
Some light brews PILSNERS
Symbol such as Thinking Face EMOJI
Texter's "What in the world?!" OMG
They protect 58-Down RTS
Unpleasant aroma ODOR
Use your eyes SEE
Window in a schedule TIMESLOT
With 4-Down, British singer of "Poison" RITA
___ acid (protein part) AMINO
___ Jima (WWII battle site) IWO
___ Lee (Taiwanese filmmaker) ANG
___ log (holiday cake) YULE