Universal - Apr 28 2024

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Clues Answers
"4 real?!" SRSLY
"Heavens!" EGAD
"I had a great time!" THATWASFUN
"It's all good" NOHARMDONE
"It's not a want, it's a ___" NEED
"Jersey Shore" network MTV
"Look at this accomplishment of mine" IDIDATHING
"No thanks" PASS
"Right, that makes sense now!" OHIGETIT
"Sure, but why is that relevant?" OKSO
"The Idol" star Lily-Rose DEPP
"This is delightful!" WHATATREAT
"___ December" (2023 drama) MAY
Actor Redmayne EDDIE
Alternatives to Cinemarks AMCS
Arches National Park's state UTAH
Autumn FALL
Big beer container KEG
Bird on the Great Seal of the United States BALDEAGLE
Cardiologist's diagnostic procedures EKGTESTS
Channel with infomercials HSN
Condition that can be managed with Vyvanse or Ritalin ADHD
Country with many Swahili speakers KENYA
Cybersecurity org NSA
Deluge of information DATADUMP
Drop ___ (pull down your pants) TROU
Dull pain ACHE
Eight, in Spanish OCHO
Fortuneteller SEER
Friendship bracelet piece BEAD
Get ready, or an HIV prevention drug PREP
In ___ of LIEU
Indian butter GHEE
Inventor Nikola TESLA
Japanese drum TAIKO
Mario ___ (racing game franchise) KART
Clues Answers
Matching furniture for a cozy eating area DINETTESET
Midwestern tribe OTOE
Nail the final ACEIT
Name that anagrams to "Neale" ELENA
Not new OLD
NYC subway org MTA
Out of office NOTIN
Own (up) FESS
Pampering establishment also known as a jjimjilbang KOREANSPA
Pasta sauce brand RAGU
Payment before a hand ANTE
Person casting a ballot VOTER
Person who loves to make a scene? ACTOR
Pester NAG
Queens' performance DRAGSHOW
Really bothered ATEAT
Retina's organ EYE
Roam (about) GAD
Routine competition? DANCEOFF
Safe and ___ SOUND
Science class that's hard to take remotely LAB
Secrecy contract: Abbr NDA
Singer Perry KATY
Singer Redding OTIS
Singer who lives in a castle near Dublin ENYA
Small amount BIT
Starts to run out of energy LOSESSTEAM
Steeped drinks TEAS
Tahoe or Huron LAKE
Term length in the House of Representatives TWOYEARS
Those people's THEIR
Thus far YET
Tool with teeth SAW
Union payments DUES
Voice range below alto TENOR
Wake-up sound ALARM
Ziti or rotini PASTA