L.A. Times Daily - Apr 25 2024

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Clues Answers
"2001" supercomputer HAL
"As if!" PFFT
"In short" initialism TLDR
"Killing Eve" star SANDRAOH
"Now!" letters ASAP
"Nuh-uh!" NOMAAM
"Queen of Soul" Franklin ARETHA
"So that's __?" ANO
"That's valid" FAIR
"The Sacred Art of Giving __": Ta-Nehisi Coates essay about a friendly greeting DAP
"The Search for General __": food documentary TSO
"We'll take it from here" LETUS
120mm Louboutin feature STILETTO
Add sparkle, say ADORN
Agcy ORG
Around the clock worker? GEAR
Avenger in armor IRONMAN
Be Delicious perfume co DKNY
Benefit that may be rolled over: Abbr PTO
Best Picture winner set in Iran ARGO
Bird of prey's nest AERIE
Bloke LAD
Body part with cinco dedos MANO
Cautionary __ TALE
Collaborative site WIKI
Cracker shape ANIMAL
First name in haute couture YVES
Foot fashion TOERING
For fear that LEST
Friend's invitation before a party, or a TikTok genre that shows off the starts of 20-, 30-, and 41-Across GETREADYWITHME
Genre with intense lyrics EMO
Giant diamond ROCK
Goal material NET
Hold fast (to) ADHERE
Hunky-dory DANDY
In great shape FITASAFIDDLE
Landmark civil rights law acronym ADA
Clues Answers
Like much omakase RAW
Not o'er NEATH
Ostrich or emu BIPED
Paramount+ partner, briefly SHO
Peele's partner KEY
Places to sleep tight? TWINBEDS
Pokémon that evolves into Kadabra ABRA
Pose ASK
Prep roses for "The Bachelor," say DETHORN
Priority system TRIAGE
Punch recipe? ONETWO
Puts off EMITS
Remedy known as "having a counter-beer" in German HAIROFTHEDOG
Role in many a spy thriller CIAAGENT
Rte. finder GPS
Sales channel HSN
Scrape (out) EKE
See 46-Across DIEM
Sloth in "Ice Age" SID
Spectrum GAMUT
Spot far from the nosebleeds VIPSEAT
Stuck in one's craw ATEAT
Styled like ALA
Surfaces, e.g PCS
TA overseer PROF
Taper FADE
Tends a fire STOKES
The hundred target, in Pilates ABS
Tipping point on a counter? IPAD
Torres of "9-1-1: Lone Star" GINA
Try to buy from Ebay BIDON
Tums, e.g ANTACID
Tussle over a 58-Down entry EDITWAR
Wall clock inserts AAS
Wander (about) GAD
With 9-Down, traveling employee's allowance PER