L.A. Times Daily - Apr 23 2024

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Clues Answers
"Ant" on a celery "log" RAISIN
"At Last" singer James ETTA
"At Wit's End" writer Bombeck ERMA
"Hang around a bit longer!" STAY
"Liberty and Prosperity," for New Jersey, e.g STATEMOTTO
"Origin" writer/director DuVernay AVA
"Rah," in fútbol OLE
"We totally agree" USTOO
"Without further __ ... " ADO
"__ your piece" SAY
59-Across, perhaps SIDE
Acai tree, e.g PALM
Additionally ALSO
Atmosphere MOOD
Bailey's circus partner BARNUM
Barrel racer's accessory SPUR
Big big-screen format IMAX
Cause for overtime TIE
CCR's "Have You __ Seen the Rain" EVER
Checkout lane purchase TOTE
Chi-Town paper TRIB
Clothes with bibs and braces OVERALLS
Congressional staffer AIDE
Cook-off entry CHILI
Curriculum parts UNITS
Digs for a dancer? BALLETFLAT
Digs for a Greek mythology buff? OEDIPUSCOMPLEX
Digs for a gym rat? MUSCLEBUILDING
Digs for a member of a string quartet? CELLOSUITE
Dynamism PEP
Eatery with a chalkboard menu BISTRO
Eatery with small plates TAPASBAR
eHarmony matches DATES
Entrepreneur __ C.J. Walker MADAM
Film similar to cling wrap PRESSNSEAL
Final push? CRAM
Flakes on plans BAILS
Four-minute mile, for one PACE
Clues Answers
Free TV spot PSA
Garment that may be nine yards long SARI
Grace ender AMEN
Hand-held coolers FANS
Info on a profile page BIO
Just a number, for some AGE
Language in which to order larb LAO
Lauder in the cosmetics aisle ESTEE
Like some work from home REMOTE
Like sparks and fire HOT
Like Yellowstone, among National Parks OLDEST
Mazda roadster MIATA
Measurement given in degrees ANGLE
Nothing at all NADA
Off-the-cuff performance IMPROV
Periodontists' gp ADA
Post-triathlon lament IMSORE
Prunes TRIMS
Puts one's feelings on display EMOTES
Roll-call call HERE
Scand. land NOR
Shred, as cheese GRATE
Shut with a bang SLAM
Signature Golden Arches offering BIGMAC
Small surgical knife LANCET
Sparks or Fire TEAM
Spherical body ORB
Sports bib material MESH
Starchy snack bites, for short TOTS
Tennis star Andre AGASSI
Turn brown, maybe ROT
UFC sport MMA
WNBA game start TIPOFF
Woebegone SAD
Woebegone word ALAS
__ Lanka SRI
__ Monica Pier SANTA