Universal - Apr 18 2024

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Clues Answers
"Anything ___ to add?" ELSE
"Black-ish" dad DRE
"Good heavens!" OHGOD
"That is," in Latin IDEST
"The Gashlycrumb Tinies" author Edward GOREY
*In an unhelpful way TONOGOODPURPOSE
*Phil Collins hit with an iconic drum fill INTHEAIRTONIGHT
*With 29-Down, Betty Smith book set in New York City ATREEGROWS
Against ANTI
Author's work, perhaps NOVEL
Balderdash NONSENSE
Batman and Robin, e.g DUO
Bring in EARN
Browns, on scoreboards CLE
Canine pal of Garfield ODIE
Cartoony eating syllable NOM
Certain hosp. worker ERNURSE
Church benches PEWS
Cone's partner in the eye ROD
Cupid's Greek counterpart EROS
Day for U.S. federal elections: Abbr TUE
Decide that one will OPTTO
Design detail, briefly SPEC
Dole (out) METE
Dwarf planet since 2006 PLUTO
English jazz singer Laine CLEO
Fairy-tale baddie OGRE
Faux ___ PAS
Firm up, as Jell-O SET
Forget, as an unpleasant sight UNSEE
Game played in a swimming pool MARCOPOLO
German mathematician Carl Friedrich GAUSS
Get better HEAL
Got up AROSE
Grace under pressure POISE
Grass cutting machine MOWER
Hamster or snake, to some PET
Harp's ancestor LYRE
Clues Answers
Hello, in Sao Paulo OLA
Hog's home STY
In favor of PRO
Ink stain BLOT
Investigate further, and what the starts of the starred clues' answers can do? FOLLOWUP
Like someone who does not identify as cis or trans, maybe AGENDER
Little devils IMPS
Locked boxes in some hotel rooms SAFES
Low on cash SHORT
Mani-pedi site SPA
Mauna ___ (Hawaiian volcano) LOA
Moderate gaits TROTS
Monarch's rule REIGN
One-on-one conversation TETEATETE
Pair of flannels? ENS
Poem of praise ODE
Poker prize POT
Printer problem JAM
Recipe amt TBSP
Recipe instruction STIR
Runs at a gentle pace JOGS
Shakespeare's river AVON
Sleep phase, briefly REM
Some Punjabis, religiously SIKHS
Speedometer letters MPH
St. Francis' home ASSISI
Stereotypical teenage feeling ANGST
Tennis champ Arthur ASHE
The Matterhorn, for one ALP
Tolkien creatures led by Treebeard ENTS
Under a large tree on a sunny day, say SHADED
Unleavened cornbread PONE
Visibly shocked AGAPE
Wished (for) HOPED
Yearns (for) PINES
___ Park, Colorado ESTES