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Clues Answers
"... unless I'm wrong" ORNOT
"Let me say it again ..." IREPEAT
"Life of Pi" director Lee ANG
"Midnight Cowboy" role RATSO
"Much — About Nothing" (1996 "Simpsons" episode) APU
"River" New Age artist ENYA
"So —" ("Very well") BEIT
"Star Trek: The Next Generation" actor Jonathan FRAKES
"Thelma" novelist Marie CORELLI
"— chic!" TRES
"— done it!" IVE
"— of the North" (1922 documentary) NANOOK
"— So Shy" HES
152, to Cato CLII
500-sheet paper unit REAM
60 secs MIN
Actor Gerard GIL
Actor Penn SEAN
Actor Silver portraying a guy escaping a burning building? RONINTHEFIRE
Actress Garr TERI
Alley- — OOP
And the like: Abbr ETC
Artist Max ERNST
Author Rand AYN
Banquet dispenser URN
Big speech ORATION
Boise-to-Fresno dir SSW
Border RIM
Bow shooter's attention? ARROWFOCUS
Broadcast studio sign ONAIR
Bus. bosses MGRS
Cap'n's underling BOSN
Cereal grass OAT
CFO's deg., perhaps MBA
City in Texas WACO
City in western New York OLEAN
Coiffures HAIRDOS
Comic Kevin NEALON
Crusty treat PIE
Dark bread RYE
Deadlock TIE
Decay ROT
Derivation of a word: Abbr ETYM
Devious SLY
Digression ASIDE
Dissertations THESES
Drivers' licenses, e.g IDCARDS
Dyemaking compound ANILINE
Ear: Prefix OTO
Easy to carry PORTABLE
Edition: Abbr VER
Elev ALT
Enclosed bill of fare? INNERMENU
Face-off participant DUELER
Feature of this puzzle (hint: string together the letters omitted from the starts of 10 long answers) MISSINGINGREDIENT
Federer of tennis ROGER
Flag holder POLE
Gas grill meas BTU
Grill residue ASH
Gymnast Retton MARYLOU
Hacks off LOPS
Harbinger OMEN
Hi- — picture RES
Hosp. trauma pro ERDOC
In a demure way MODESTLY
In a plane, e.g ONBOARD
Irredeemable HOPELESS
Kia crossover SUV model SORENTO
Kismet FATE
Letters after mus NUS
Letters after pis RHOS
Clues Answers
Like a cream-colored skeleton? BONYANDIVORY
Like many '90s albums ONCD
Litigant SUER
Lofty verse ODE
London or Leeds native BRIT
Make flush ALIGN
Make sharp HONE
Manhole lid, e.g.? ROUNDCOVER
Matching up, as files SYNCING
Maui wreath LEI
Medical operation led by a wizard? MAGEGUIDEDSURGERY
Mil. draft org SSS
Mined stuff ORE
Muscat native who regularly attends Mass? OMANCATHOLIC
NHL's Bobby ORR
Notion, in Nantes IDEE
Nov. follower DEC
Olive of "Popeye" OYL
One-off, as a committee ADHOC
Onetime Texaco rival ESSO
Orderly NEAT
Patella sites KNEES
Pendant gem OPAL
Period ERA
Phone no TEL
Polite request starter MAYI
Positions STATUSES
Prefix with dermis EPI
Preparing to install a steam outlet? VENTPLANNING
Priest, at a baptism ANOINTER
Pro-gun gp NRA
Rams' org NFL
Relief sounds SIGHS
Remainder REST
Rent payer TENANT
Roadie's load AMP
Rob of "The Stand" LOWE
Roster in a mob film HITLIST
Sad, to Sartre TRISTE
Scottish loch NESS
See 75-Across ONME
Settle a score GETEVEN
Showed on TV again RERAN
Sign off from a computer LOGOUT
Singer Ocasek RIC
Soft and — DRI
Sort who doesn't think before speaking? RASHTALKER
Southern Italian city SALERNO
Speak wildly RAVE
Stays with, as an agenda STICKSTO
Steps onto a subway, say ENTRAINS
Suet, e.g FAT
Suez, e.g CANAL
Swift pirate ships CORSAIRS
Toon skunk Le Pew PEPE
Turks and — Islands CAICOS
TV show created by Barbara Walters THEVIEW
Type ILK
U.S. soldiers GIS
Vampire Lestat creator ANNERICE
Vast plain of Argentina PAMPA
Very tall bird EMU
Vouch for ATTEST
When la lune shines NUIT
Whittled PARED
Winter storm conditions? ICEWEATHER
With 55-Down, "My treat" ITS
Writer Seton ANYA
— -di-dah LAH
— avis RARA
— Tzu (dog) SHIH