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Clues Answers
"2 funny!" LOL
"About Me" blurb BIO
"Big Daddy" star Sandler ADAM
"Como ___?" ESTA
"Game of Thrones" actress Chaplin OONA
"Hey Arnold!" character with pigtails HELGA
"In ___ Heights" (2008 Broadway musical) THE
"Insecure" actress Rae ISSA
"Not true" retort ISSO
"Nothing but ___" ("Swish") NET
"OK, got it!" ISEE
"That's funny!" HAH
"Therefore ..." ERGO
"Un-Break My Heart" singer Braxton TONI
"What's up?," in textspeak HOWRU
Admission of defeat ILOST
Amazon Prime ___ VIDEO
Antioxidant-rich berry ACAI
Bangkok natives THAIS
Bygone Swedish automaker SAAB
Carrier of genetic info DNA
Chart-topping song HIT
Collectively ASONE
Edmonton hockey pro OILER
Ends a career RETIRES
Function USE
General concept ABSTRACTIDEA
General ___ chicken TSOS
Group performing a play CAST
Had a snack ATE
Half-brother of Athena ARES
Harvest REAP
Highest score for an Olympic competitor TEN
Hilton rival OMNI
Inherent behaviors ANIMALINSTINCTS
Jewish wedding dance HORA
Kettle output STEAM
Kick back with friends HANG
Knights' titles SIRS
Clues Answers
Lawn covering SOD
Legal wrongs TORTS
Living room fixtures TVSETS
Long-running singing competition show AMERICANIDOL
Luau performer HULADANCER
Major artery AORTA
Male sheep RAM
Mazda convertible MIATA
Michaelmas daisy ASTER
Mixers with gin TONICS
Mojo Dojo ___ House ("Barbie" dwelling) CASA
Number of bars in a package of Twix TWO
Nutrition label fig RDA
Office workspace DESK
Painted part of a finger or toe NAIL
Perfect garden EDEN
Pet Shop Boys and Carpenters, for example POPDUOS
Plane ticket info ETA
Prefix with "space" AERO
Problem with an office machine PRINTERJAM
Rad, in '90s slang PHAT
Rank for Mustard or Sanders: Abbr COL
Ready for business OPEN
Reddish-brown color SEPIA
Remove, as old carpet RIPOUT
Secular LAIC
Shout from the crowd CHANT
Some dark crime films NOIRS
State park located in the San Francisco Bay ANGELISLAND
Sunbathing result TAN
Surfing destination near Los Angeles MALIBU
Sushi topper ROE
Sushi tuna AHI
Tasks to assign ACTIONITEMS
There are 24 in a day: Abbr HRS
To be, in Paris ETRE
Word before "bar" or "torch" TIKI
Yogurt-based side dish in Indian cuisine RAITA
___ Mahal TAJ