L.A. Times Daily - Apr 14 2024

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Clues Answers
"32 Flavors" singer DiFranco ANI
"All in the Family" spinoff MAUDE
"Just think ... " IMAGINE
"No Logo" author Klein NAOMI
"Othello" villain IAGO
"Trainwreck" director Judd APATOW
1984 Jeff Bridges film that begins with a UFO crash STARMAN
2021 Marvel movie directed by Chloé Zhao ETERNALS
Actress Jennifer in Capital One commercials GARNER
Adds, as paper to a copier LOADSIN
Ancient Cuzco dwellers INCAS
Appliances with drums DRYERS
Architect's detail, briefly SPEC
Arrives at GETSTO
Asgard god ODIN
Australia's national gemstone OPAL
Barbecue fuel COAL
Big picture? MURAL
Bit attachment REIN
Black swan of ballet ODILE
Bog down MIRE
Bridal bio word NEE
Bring home EARN
Bring into alignment SYNC
Brobdingnagian GIANT
Bulky brass instrument TUBA
Burden ONUS
Buy time STALL
Caesar __ SALAD
Carbon compound ENOL
Cartel founded in Baghdad OPEC
Castaway's home ISLE
Cha, chai, or matcha TEA
Chess legend Karpov ANATOLY
Chihuahua coin CENTAVO
Choice words? ORS
Class clown JOKER
Costco rival, familiarly SAMS
Counterpart of poetry PROSE
Dave Barry genre HUMOR
Disgraced energy company ENRON
Driver's assignment: Abbr RTE
Envelope abbr ATTN
Factor in sibling rivalry, often AGEGAP
Fashionably dated RETRO
Fast and furious HECTIC
Faux wood in a fireplace GASLOG
Firsthand accounts MEMOIRS
Fish in some omelets LOX
Fit together, as some dolls NEST
Flat-topped hills MESAS
Gave for a short time LOANED
Geometry calculation AREA
Hairy Halloween costume APESUIT
Harding biopic ITONYA
House channel CSPAN
Hulu alternative ROKU
Hypocritical sorts PHONIES
In the midst of AMONG
Indian city with a mausoleum AGRA
Instrument for a troubadour LUTE
Interest rate fig PCT
Italian city known for salami GENOA
Japan's largest beermaker ASAHI
Karaoke gear MICS
Knobs on a pipe organ STOPS
Kung __ chicken PAO
Largest island in French Polynesia TAHITI
Clues Answers
Left high and dry MAROONED
Letters after nus XIS
Loch in hoax photos NESS
Lombardy lake COMO
Make a scene? ACT
Makes a misstep ERRS
Mammal with more gray matter than a human ORCA
Matching SAME
Meat common in Greek cuisine LAMB
Miami Heat coach Spoelstra ERIK
Microsoft Office default typeface until 2007 ARIAL
Milkshake insert STRAW
Most tender SOREST
Muppet who never says "I" ELMO
Nabe in lower Manhattan SOHO
Natural ability APTITUDE
No longer there GONE
Not tricked by WISETO
Oldest of the Pointer Sisters RUTH
One who's forward-looking SEER
Ore-Ida side, familiarly TOTS
Orecchiette shape EAR
Oregon's oldest city ASTORIA
Part of a magazine spread PHOTO
Pass by ELAPSE
Place for a rock CURLINGMATCH
Place for a rock ROSHAMBOGAME
Place for a rock SOLITAIRERING
Place for a Rock COMEDYCLUB
Place for a roll CRAPSTABLE
Place for a roll SUSHIPLATTER
Place for a roll TAPEDISPENSER
Place for a roll BOWLINGALLEY
Place for a stent AORTA
Polynesian kingdom with more than 170 islands TONGA
Port city south of Kyiv ODESA
Prized statuette OSCAR
Pub pintful ALE
Put in more chips, say RAISE
Respected ones ELDERS
Rogue computer of sci-fi HAL
Safety gear for ER workers PPE
Sanders, for one COLONEL
Series of bad takes GAGREEL
Shape of sesame seeds OVAL
Sharp kitchen tool PEELER
Shopping cart count ITEMS
Short evening wear? PJS
Short trips HOPS
Shorthand system STENO
Small amount ADAB
Some whiskey drinks SOURS
Stretch with no landmarks OPENSEA
Strong wind GALE
Sweeties BAES
Swimmer's woe CRAMP
Take a break PAUSE
Take heat from? UNARM
Tech company with an exclamation point YAHOO
Tortilla chip topper SALSADIP
Type in again REKEY
U.S. intel org NSA
Wall flowers, perhaps ART
Wall or flower NOUN
Widely shared post MEME
Word with column or cord SPINAL
__ as punch PROUD
__ Lankan rupee SRI
__ Pradesh: Indian state UTTAR