Family Time - Apr 14 2024

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Clues Answers
"On the double!" PRONTO
"___ words cannot express ..." MERE
100 years CENTURY
6-by-9-inch book size OCTAVO
Baby in a wool coat? LAMB
Band-___ (cut coverer) AID
Bettors' figures ODDS
Bird with big eyes OWL
Board for a manicurist EMERY
Bring to a finale END
Cellphone download APP
Confidence CERTITUDE
Cow's response MOO
CPU part? UNIT
Defend one's goal TEND
Desktop picture ICON
Dinette set's place NOOK
Do first-grade math ADD
Drag a car behind your truck TOW
Earth clump CLOD
Eggs the old Roman way OVA
Graduates of a school ALUMNI
Groove in a muddy road RUT
Guitar chord tweaker TUNER
Hard-packed ski run PISTE
Head supporter NECK
Important historical period ERA
Indian flatbread NAAN
Leather puncher AWL
Make a requirement in a contract STIPULATE
Clues Answers
Meal on a skewer (alt KABOB
Measuring tool RULER
Mexican money unit PESO
NBA game location ARENA
Negative reply to "Ready?" NOT
Neither's partner NOR
Not a comedy, but .. DRAMA
Number of singers in a duo TWO
Old-school horse-drawn transportation CARRIAGE
One ___ customer (sale enticement) PER
Opposite of "close" OPEN
Person intervening in the middle MEDIATOR
Pillow's place BED
Quickly grab NAB
Rage IRE
Remove a bottle top TWIST
Remy from a Pixar movie, e.g RAT
Send off, as fumes EMIT
Shock STUN
Small amount, like a drop DRIBLET
Soothing lotion addictive ALOE
The "A" in "A = l x w" AREA
They make hours MINUTES
This? No, the other THAT
U-turn from "none" ALL
Walk through a stream WADE
West Indies country BARBADOS
What the team rapidly catching up has MOMENTUM
Word after "search" or "car" ENGINE
Word after "water" or "ray" GUN