Universal - Apr 12 2024

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Clues Answers
"Barefoot Contessa" host Garten INA
"Double Stuf" cookie OREO
"Dune" actor Oscar ISAAC
"Front" stroke in swimming CRAWL
"Mamma ___!" MIA
"See ya!" CIAO
"The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer" channel CNN
"What ___ is new?" ELSE
"___ 911!" (comedy series named for a Nevada city) RENO
A Haim sister ALANA
Act like a fish out of water FLAIL
Angelic ring HALO
Athlete's best effort AGAME
Bowler's last frame TENTH
Caramel color TAN
Christian of fashion DIOR
Citi Field baseball team METS
Colorful indoor playground feature BALLPIT
Complete series SET
Compliment for an aspiring physicist? GOODASNEWTON
Cuddly kitty LAPCAT
Defrost THAW
Deli display MEATCASE
Drops on a lawn DEW
Elephant color GRAY
Employ USE
Flats or heels SHOES
French friend AMIE
Gain muscle mass, say, and what 16-, 26- and 43-Across do? PUTONWEIGHT
Garment for a Diwali celebration SARI
Gate clasp LATCH
Gondola propeller OAR
Group of art galleries specializing in pointillism? DOTCOMPOUND
Helen Mirren and Emma Thompson, e.g DAMES
Highway division LANE
House's storage space ATTIC
IPA part ALE
Jacuzzi feature JET
Key ring attachment FOB
Clues Answers
Kicked out BOOTED
Late-night fridge visit RAID
Layered mineral MICA
Letter after sigma TAU
Letter before sigma RHO
Male deer STAG
Merit ___ (Boy Scout's award) BADGE
Mother, in Australia MUM
New York Knicks' arena: Abbr MSG
No more than MERE
Pennsylvania sect AMISH
Prefix with "cycle" UNI
Primary MAIN
Ray of light BEAM
Satan, for one? SANTAANAGRAM
Say out loud UTTER
Scads ALOT
Sewn edge HEM
Shopper's destination STORE
Singles ONES
Star quarterback Marino DAN
Stooge with a bowl cut MOE
Super nitpicky ANAL
Theater attendant USHER
To be, in Tijuana SER
Tool for tightening WRENCH
Total SUM
U.S. immigration bill first proposed in 2001 DREAMACT
Underground molten rock MAGMA
Very excited AGOG
Was involved in some decision-making HADASAY
Water around a castle MOAT
Water brand with square-shaped bottles FIJI
What a toddler may need after a spaghetti dinner BATH
Wine detail AGE
___ up (admit fault) FESS
___ up (totals) ADDS