L.A. Times Daily - Apr 12 2024

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Clues Answers
"Da 5 Bloods" actor Whitlock Jr ISIAH
"For real?" ITIS
"Help us!" letters SOS
"I'm impressed!" OOH
"It was even funnier at the time," or a hint to making the starred clues match their answers YOUHADTOBETHERE
"Makes sense" ISEE
"Sacre __!" BLEU
"Shows you!" HAH
"What else ya got?" NEXT
*Frozen state ICESCULPTURE
*Theater debt OPENINGNIGHT
Ada Limón work POEM
Add salt instead of sugar, say ERR
Arm bone ULNA
Attempt TRY
Attempt to mediate STEPIN
August hrs DST
Baja resort, familiarly CABO
Bar mixer COLA
Batting practice sites CAGES
Beach city where Barbie's Dreamhouse is available for short-term rentals MALIBU
Cantaloupe, e.g MELON
Certain travel doc USVISA
Char on a grill SEAR
Choose OPT
Close in anger SLAM
Colorful Hindu festival HOLI
Component of self-guided museum tours AUDIO
Cook in the microwave ZAP
Cookbook writer Garten INA
Countess counterpart EARL
Derriere TUSH
Done in, as a dragon SLAIN
Emmy-winning Ali Wong series BEEF
ETA provider GPS
Faded out DIED
Falafel bread PITA
Clues Answers
False front? PSEUDO
Fiji competitor DASANI
Flatbreads made with atta flour ROTIS
Fountain drinks SODAS
Fuming IRATE
Gallant guy GENT
Harmony UNITY
Historic times ERAS
Like a chimney sweep's clothes, maybe ASHY
Made in Taiwan, say ASIAN
Mesopotamian symbol of fertility FROG
Muscle building? GYM
Necklace fastener CLASP
Nonstudio flick INDIE
Oft-poached pear BOSC
Opposite of dogbane? CATNIP
Parker products PENS
Perched on ATOP
Price points? TAGS
Products of thermal imaging HEATMAPS
Recess on a Catholic school campus? APSE
Require NEED
Rough fig EST
Sculler's tools OARS
Secretly include, in a way BCC
See 9-Across PIE
Setting for much of "The Mummy" franchise EGYPT
Some baby shower honorees DADS
Spacewalk initials EVA
Title with a tilde SENOR
Toni Morrison's second novel SULA
Toward the stern AFT
Wall St. index NYSE
Wipe clean ERASE
With 9-Down, Thanksgiving dessert PECAN
__ Heritage Month: September 15 to October 15 HISPANIC
__ test ACID
__ zero emissions NET