Universal - Apr 11 2024

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Clues Answers
"Cheers" character played by George Wendt NORMPETERSON
"Dancing Queen" singer, 2018 CHER
"Do I ever!" ANDHOW
"Eureka!" AHA
"No need to wake me!" IMUP
"The Price Is Right" network CBS
"Yipes!" UHOH
"You're not wrong" TRUE
Actress Noblezada or Longoria EVA
Adhesive used with wrapping paper TAPE
Apt rhyme for "squeak" EKE
Becomes compost ROTS
Better than all the rest PAREXCELLENCE
Blood line? AORTA
Car with a four-ring logo AUDI
Center of activity HUB
Central Plains people OTOE
Characteristic TRAIT
Comparable (to) AKIN
Crowd doing a sudden performance FLASHMOB
Degree after an M.A PHD
Dressing ingredient whose last letter stands for "oil" EVOO
Drum kit component SNARE
Foreboding sign OMEN
Forges a signature, maybe FAKESIT
Frog sounds CROAKS
Get together MEET
Give a round of applause CLAP
Green flecks on a tart pie LIMEZEST
Have a meal EAT
Hawaiian goose NENE
High-fat diet KETO
Hot box? OVEN
Imitate APE
Investigative journalist Tarbell IDA
Like a yellow banana RIPE
Clues Answers
Like lox, but not locks FISHY
Liu who played a Ken SIMU
Location SITE
Magic dragon of kid's music PUFF
Mousse alternative GEL
Neighborhood AREA
Newborn BABY
Not too often SELDOM
One with excellent powers of deduction? TAXPRO
Only president to be a Supreme Court justice TAFT
Poker stake ANTE
Poker variety, or a Nebraska city OMAHA
Porch ___ (package thief) PIRATE
Power structure? MOTOR
Put on ___ (act superior) AIRS
QB's error INT
Quick haircut TRIM
Quick inhalations GASPS
Reasonable SANE
Relative of bedhead HATHAIR
Russian river URAL
Russian ruler, formerly TSAR
Scene stealers HAMS
Scooter whose name is Italian for "wasp" VESPA
Small branch TWIG
Some spring flowers CROCI
Songwriter Tori AMOS
Split up APART
Square peg in a round hole MISFIT
Stroll WALK
Took a tumble FELL
Toyed with, as a cat would PAWED
Unit of power WATT
Use a needle and thread SEW
Wants to forget, maybe RUES
What perfectionists have, or the tops of 3-, 6- and 21-Down? HIGHSTANDARDS
Without vegetation BARREN
Writing implement PEN