L.A. Times Daily - Apr 6 2024

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Clues Answers
"Constant Craving" singer LANG
"Holy __!" MOLY
"I want no part of this!" WHOSWE
"That's enough" WHEN
"The Tenant of Wildfell Hall" novelist BRONTE
"This can't be happening!" OHNO
"True Detective" network HBO
"We totally should!" YESLETS
57-Down, for one BEER
Able to do splits, say AGILE
Agnes, in Spain INES
Atole ingredient MASA
Birds that often nest with spoonbills IBISES
Bit of shut eye? BLINK
Blown away WOWED
Casino figures ODDS
Chorizo, por ejemplo CARNE
Continent with nine island nations ASIA
Cute SLY
Deal that generates interest LOAN
Deal-maker AGENT
Dogfish Head's Notorious H.O.P., for one IPA
Facing trouble INHOTWATER
Feature ASPECT
Fisher of "Shameless" NOEL
Gate stats ETDS
Go green, say DYE
Hiding place LAIR
In lockstep ASONE
Infinitive of suis, sommes, etc ETRE
Influencer's concern TREND
Ingredient in some exfoliators ACID
Investor's concern NETYIELD
Italian bread EURO
Item that may wind up in a backyard HOSE
Clues Answers
Like black vinegar AGED
Masala __ CHAI
Media company that claims to be the largest producer of Spanish-language content TELEVISA
Not just want NEED
Not permanent GUEST
Not permanent ADHOC
One who may face an up-Hill climb SENATEAIDE
Part that has a radius but no diameter ARM
Pastry choice ECLAIR
Photo finish MATTE
Picks up HEARS
Poet on some 36-Across coins DANTE
Political network CSPAN
Program-terminating command ENDNOW
Rah-rah feeling TEAMSPIRIT
Rasta pasta pasta PENNE
Rink leap AXEL
Routing abbr ATTN
Seattle hrs PST
Send-up PARODY
Shoyu dish RAMEN
Side by side? AREA
Squad whose Double-A affiliate is the Rumble Ponies METS
Successor to Claudius NERO
Symptoms SIGNS
Talk up LAUD
Trattoria request EXTRASAUCE
Treat for one's dogs? PEDI
Tree huggers? VINES
Trio in Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 VIOLAS
TripTik org AAA
Vellani of "The Marvels" IMAN
Was certain of KNEW
Washed up CLEAN
Writing on the wall? CAVEART
__-free DUTY