Universal - Apr 2 2024

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Clues Answers
"I caught you!" OHO
"___ in her element" SHES
Adjust, as an article EDIT
Airport security org TSA
Akron's state OHIO
Angle units DEGREES
Appliance with a cooktop STOVE
Author Joyce Carol ___ OATES
Basic metabolic panel, for one LABTEST
Berry in some purple smoothies ACAI
Brief message MEMO
Burial chamber CRYPT
Canadian First Nations group CREE
Car rental company AVIS
Carly ___ Jepsen RAE
Chain of movie theaters AMC
Chances ODDS
Charter option for a sports team MINIBUS
Chiding word TSK
Chin indent CLEFT
Comedian Aziz ANSARI
Comedian Sahl MORT
Corkscrew pasta ROTINI
Curry of the Warriors STEPH
Designer Vera WANG
Experiences poor traction SKIDS
Extremely small pictures, say MICRODOTS
Fairly matched EVEN
Farmland measurement ACRE
Fingernail treatment, informally MANI
Fishing implement ROD
Flaky ticket holder NOSHOW
Floats in the air HOVERS
Frigid ICY
Gave a call RANG
Goldman Sachs, e.g., slangily IBANK
Greetings from Hawaii ALOHAS
Clues Answers
Harry's pal RON
Important ID SSN
In that case IFSO
In the know AWARE
It's not clear! MUD
LAX landing guess ETA
Like a walkie-talkie that's close enough INRANGE
Like items in a thrift store USED
Macbeth's title THANE
Make up stories LIE
Messenger molecule RNA
Military conflict WAR
Nickname related to Theo TED
Obsession MANIA
One gets the worm EARLYBIRD
Quaint, quaintly OLDE
Schindler with a list OSKAR
Slugger Sammy SOSA
Soup holder CAN
Stuck on, as an idea WEDTO
Surgeons' spots, for short ORS
The world's second most traded currency EURO
This and that THESE
This puzzle has 15 of them ROWS
Try to chop through HACKAT
Well-organized NEAT
When two fairly matched cameramen raced, it came down to a .. PHOTOFINISH
When two fairly matched gamblers raced, it was a .. COINTOSS
When two fairly matched giraffes raced, they were .. NECKANDNECK
When two fairly matched rock climbers raced, victory was .. WITHINARMSREACH
When two fairly matched zombies raced, it was a .. DEADHEAT
Whichever ANY
Winter excursion SKITRIP
You, before you were born? THEE
___ de Mayo CINCO
___ Lanka SRI