The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 2639

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Clues Answers
A swagger, when rounding on a long-distance traveller ASTRONAUT
An age in school? Time to escape! EON
Beastly female gets sir excited TIGRESS
Bird nice pal gets to fly PELICAN
Brute very holy? Minimally good PIG
Drink containing very soft fruit APPLE
Escape to a match? ELOPE
Food for number to tuck into, as intended MEANT
Fools to judge, mostly ASSES
Instrument seen with celebrity around India SITAR
Instrument that plays my number the wrong way CORNET
Less friendly, showing back to monarch once STERNER
Like music in restaurant, on always TONAL
Clues Answers
Long-suffering man or woman that is not heartless PATIENT
Meal is excellent with one portion doubled up SUPPER
New batter collects one special cap BIRETTA
Object, being not quite totally bashful? DEMUR
Perch outside old coastal town POOLE
Resists nasty relations SISTERS
Silly ladies' man, sort displaying ineptitude MALADROITNESS
Start to pick up and go round? turn the corner
Student finally gets to study philosopher — a dreary routine! TREADMILL
Trade event with lots getting sold AUCTION
Units of land in mostly sacred ground ACRES
Upright type, member of an empire ROMAN
Wild animals getting bugs BADGERS