L.A. Times Daily - Mar 31 2024

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Clues Answers
" ... and I approve this message" spots POLITICALADS
"American Dad" dad STAN
"Don't forget your umbrella and galoshes!" ITSRAININGCATSANDDOGS
"Hell __ no fury ... " HATH
"I dunno ... " HMM
"Mr. Robot" creator Esmail SAM
"Postman __": BBC stop-motion animation series PAT
"Sex Education" protagonist OTIS
"Stop talking" HUSH
"The Color Purple" producer OPRAH
"You said it!" AMEN
"__ a big if!" THATS
1990s media coverage? CDCASE
32-foot pastry visible from the 405 in Los Angeles DONUT
75-Down accessory GRATE
Accepts an invitation to pose SITSFOR
Actor Kilmer VAL
Acute thing ANGLE
Adversary FOE
Air space? LUNG
As the situation warrants WHEREAPPLICABLE
Assumed GIVEN
Bag-checking org TSA
Base for many Italian fashion labels MILAN
Bavarian range ALPS
Baylor University city WACO
Beam RAY
Biotech bacteria ECOLI
Blueprint bit SPEC
Bread shaped like a 21-Across BAGEL
Brewery letters IPA
Brief brief MEMO
Brio PEP
Cable CORD
Calif. Christmas hrs PST
Cartagena kiss BESO
Chihuahua's alert BARK
Comedian DeLaria LEA
Comfy cozy HOMEY
Composite image where stars appear as streaks TIMELAPSEPICTURE
Coral community COLONY
Corporate shake-up affecting the companies in the circled letters? REORG
Crucially important PIVOTAL
Crunchy snack CORNNUTS
Cymbals played with a pedal HIHAT
Dashboard display SPEED
Debate issues TOPICS
Denotes MEANS
Digital images? AVATARS
Disappointed click TSK
Dishwasher cycle RINSE
Do some dirty dancing TWERK
Doofus TWIT
Dressy attire SUIT
Duck habitat POND
Early social networking site MYSPACE
Employed USED
Figurative expression IDIOM
First pres. born outside the Thirteen Colonies ABE
Flat formation PLATEAU
Flock infant LAMB
Flurry of emotions MIXEDFEELINGS
Get loose, in a way SAG
Ginger blossom garland LEI
Ginger __ SNAP
GoPro device CAMERA
Hardwood tree BIRCH
Hardwood trees OAKS
Has on the calendar PLANSTO
Helper AIDE
HEMNES retailer IKEA
Clues Answers
House of Lords member PEER
Hushed summons PSST
Inched closer GOTNEAR
Indigenous Alaskan ALEUT
Indigenous Alaskan INUK
Italian seaport GENOA
Jennifer of "Dirty Dancing" GREY
Journalist King GAYLE
Key turning point? LOCK
Kitchen containers POTS
Landscaping tool HOE
Lazy walrus, e.g., for short STACHE
Lifted prints? STOLENART
Like last-minute tix, maybe SRO
Like some tear-jerkers SAPPY
Lowest rank for a 35-Down BARON
Madrid "more" MAS
Makes a flat sheet flatter IRONS
Marvin the Martian, e.g ALIEN
Match makeup SETS
Mentally prepared STEELED
Missy Elliott genre RAP
Music League submissions SONGS
Musical ability EAR
Musician Batiste JON
Number of players in Battleship TWO
NYC arena MSG
One on a fixie, say GEAR
Outdoor kitchen fixture GRILL
Paper money CASH
Peak between Pelion and Olympus OSSA
Pegged instruments CELLI
Period that included the storming of the Bastille FRENCHREVOLUTION
Petting zoo chorus BAAS
Petting zoo ride PONY
Phryge, for Paris 2024, e.g OLYMPICMASCOT
Plant with a tiger tooth variety ALOE
Poses in a yoga studio ASANAS
Possessive word OUR
Power trip? TELEPORT
Prefix with cache GEO
Provide pardon GRANTAMNESTY
Rattan CANE
Ref. that added "adultification" in 2023 OED
Resolution OUTCOME
Rio hello OLA
Said aloud VOICED
Signs INKS
Simpson who plays the sax LISA
Sinister EVIL
Snack or stack at the poker table CHIPS
Souped-up car HOTROD
St. __ of Assisi AGNES
Sudden shocks JOLTS
Sun-dried brick ADOBE
Switzerland's capital BERN
Tends to spilled milk MOPS
Title role for Madonna EVITA
Troy research univ RPI
Unappealing plateful GLOP
Used a peeler PARED
Vanilla meas TSP
Vehicle that may address the "last mile" problem ELECTRICSCOOTER
Water filter brand PUR
Wild goat IBEX
Word with bird's or bull's EYE
Yr. before a historic time change ONEBC
[Not my error] SIC
__ fide BONA