The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 29,343 - Mar 29 2024

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Clues Answers
4 bit staff TADPOLE
4 fastening loop FROG
4 lugged through one's lugholes? TOAD
4 wife evidently caught? NEWT
7 15 for example, scum PONDLIFE
Agree with token killing? COINCIDE
Car tax mostly unnecessary for 4 VOLVOX
Combatants in dialogue with setter inspired by extreme characters in sermon SWORDSMEN
Concise digit, secure THUMBNAIL
Daughter prods not entirely fragrant plant SWEDE
Diminutive character good, the other half the size? GRUMPY
Floater __ on English river BLANKET
Glaring relative in residence FLAGRANT
Honoured king broken, he had to admit defeat finally KNIGHTED
Imperfection in headless lizard KINK
Clues Answers
Lights initially extinguished, music perhaps turned up for its performers? ORCHESTRA
Make between 17 and 23 for main commander, reportedly? EARN
Napoleon's vital fluid piped SANG
Organic matter covering reptile in pale 4 WATER
Out of its tree, seek bird that's observed by the road KERBSIDE
Pass on painting that's cut up DUNNO
Puss I caught after a minute ATOMIC
School truant in Everton, thus left side VERSO
See 7 WEED
Slight sucking noise curtailed SLUR
Some athlete, a seriously tough one TEASER
Strap adjusted, wonky table held SEATBELT
The dope under ground? LOWDOWN
Turner Prize ultimately buried in endless seafood WHEEL