Canadiana - Apr 4 2011

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Clues Answers
Afrikaans TAAL
Alberta town whose sign boasts a giant perogi GLENDON
Asian nation CHINA
Away from wind ALEE
BC town whose sign boasts a giant hockey stick DUNCAN
Bruited about NOISED
Car part HUBCAP
Cereal grain OAT
Ceremony RITE
Colourless BLAH
Constellation near Norma and Telescopium ARA
Coup d' _____ ETAT
D. Cherry medium TV
Decompose ROT
Decorous STAID
Drained BLED
Drinkers org. AA
Egyptian sun god ATEN
Evenings, to Emerson EVES
Falsify LIE
Female ruff REE
Giant OGRE
Grizzled HOARY
Half a laugh HAH
Hand bag ETUI
Hawaiian feast LUAU
Infantry weapon STEN
Irish paramilitary org. IRA
Island town whose sign boasts a giant potato OLEARY
Kepi CAP
Knight's title SIR
Korea's Syngman ____ RHEE
Clues Answers
Lallapaloosa LULU
Magnon preceder CRO
Manitoba town whose sign boasts a giant viking GIMLI
Maritime town whose sign boasts a giant lobster SHEDIAC
Narration TALE
Objective AIM
Ocean inlet RIA
Of she HER
Overhead railway EL
Polio conquerer SALK
Practical joke GAG
Quebec town whose sign boasts a giant canoe BAIECOMEAU
Radio frequency UHF
Rascal SCAMP
RC honouree STE
Reason for bouncing a chq. NSF
Riverine island AIT
Roche Perce locale GASPE
Slightly insane FEY
Srs. sustenance RIF
Stilton or gorgonzola CHEESE
Strike SWAT
Suffer AIL
Swiss river AARE
That man HE
Tolkien creature ORC
Urges YENS
Yukon town boasting a giant sign-post forest WATSONLAKE