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Clues Answers
"So your point is ...?" AND
"That happened a long time ___" AGO
"Yes, Captain!" AYE
500 sheets of paper REAM
A win? No, sorry LOSS
Aaron Burr in "Hamilton," e.g ROLE
Between XII and II on a clock ONE
Big ___ (7-11 drinks line) GULP
Bread type RYE
Bridge measurement SPAN
Brilliant thought IDEA
Can metal TIN
Celestial event with streaking (2 words) METEORSHOWER
Civil War or Victorian ERA
Cooking protector APRON
Country that invented Buffalo wings USA
Cul-de-___ SAC
Customize to fit ADAPT
Dallas Cowboy's helmet logo STAR
Damage slightly, as a shiny surface MAR
Dedicated follower ADHERENT
Deep blue color NAVY
Dispatched SENT
Do this in a marathon RUN
Fake grass TURF
Flow back, as a tide EBB
Gas used for bright signs NEON
Gilligan's home for a time ISLE
Goldilocks slept in Baby Bear's BED
Good swung 180 degrees BAD
Groundless, as rumors IDLE
Clues Answers
Helper AIDE
Hodgepodge mixture OLIO
In the heart of AMID
Incredibly hard to find RARE
It can be a bust? ART
It's fit for a pig SLOP
Italian monetary unit EURO
Joke, to a comic GAG
Lady who hands you a menu WAITRESS
Length x width AREA
Like a stuffed cargo hold LADEN
Mexican monetary unit PESO
Minimum ___ WAGE
Most common eye color BROWN
Nursery school KINDERGARTEN
Oliver Twist, e.g WAIF
Part of a combination lock DIAL
Perform as Aaron Burr in "Hamilton" ACT
Person born near the Golden Gate Bridge (2 words) SANFRANCISCAN
Person testing out software USER
Procrastinator? Oh, no, no, no DOER
Scrooge's "A Christmas Carol" cry BAH
Smack, as a fly SWAT
Summer or winter starter SOLSTICE
Type of choir voice ALTO
Vine that can make your skin itch IVY
Vinyl record player HIFI
What the cat said MEOW
What the knight did to the dragon SLEW
World of education ACADEMIA
X, on a greeting card KISS