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Clues Answers
"Death Be Not Proud" poet DONNE
"Little Women" author ALCOTT
"Nae" sayer SCOT
"Orange — New Black" ISTHE
"Two Guys and —" AGIRL
"— out!" (ump's call) YER
'16 Olympics site RIO
1974 dog film BENJI
911 gp EMS
Architect I.M. — PEI
Artificial silk RAYON
As many as UPTO
Atom studier Bohr NIELS
Avant- — GARDE
Azaleas are members of it HEATHFAMILY
Baby hooters OWLETS
Barcelona's land, to natives ESPANA
Big lamb cut RACK
Big name in dog food IAMS
Bordeaux wine MEDOC
Born NEE
Brain protector SKULL
Chachi's last name on "Happy Days" ARCOLA
Choir songs PSALMS
Cleaning tool in a bucket WETMOP
Common allergy trigger DUST
Common weed of North America JOHNSONGRASS
Condiment spicier than its yellow cousin BROWNMUSTARD
Courteous CIVIL
Cowboy's whoop YEEHAW
Cry upon getting there IMADEIT
Cushy class EASYA
Designer Gucci ALDO
Director Kazan ELIA
Divs. of days HRS
Dog collar attachments LEASHES
Drink inserts STRAWS
Dutch beer AMSTEL
Early tourney round PRELIM
Egg-hiding holidays EASTERS
Eight of their last names are featured in this puzzle BRITISHPRIMEMINISTERS
Ending for alp or salt INE
Ends of bridal paths ALTARS
Equal: Prefix ISO
Exhales wistfully SIGHS
Eye narrowly PEERAT
Fictional Scarlett OHARA
Film director Craven WES
Flowering ABLOOM
Foliage bit LEAF
Free TV ad, for short PSA
Get there ARRIVE
Give a right to ENTITLE
Grads' event PROM
Gridiron stats TDS
Hive house APIARY
Hog hangout STY
In flames AFIRE
Inc., abroad LTD
Joined (up) TEAMED
Jokester WIT
Jug handle EAR
June bugs, by another name MAYBEETLES
Kentucky Derby venue CHURCHILLDOWNS
Last letter ZEE
Leb. neighbor ISR
Legendary figure in a 1999 horror film BLAIRWITCH
Lhasa — (little dogs) APSOS
Little peeve NIT
Lyric verse ODE
Mandate ORDER
Clues Answers
Mao — -tung TSE
Mary Lou of gymnastics RETTON
Mega Stuf cookies OREOS
Mel the Giant OTT
Mess-free NEAT
Midleg joints KNEES
Minimal LEAST
More citrusy, say TARTER
Mosque officiant IMAM
Muscle jerk SPASM
Music genre for TLC RANDB
New Mexico's state flower YUCCA
Nintendo console WII
Not quite ALMOST
On — with (similar to) APAR
One suffering for a belief MARTYR
Operated USED
Over yonder AFAR
Pack firmly TAMP
Passing vote AYE
Person giving out prizes AWARDER
Plan a new route for REMAP
Plus others: Abbr ETAL
Poetic "always" EER
Post-teen ADULT
Punctual ONTIME
Red Muppet ELMO
Red Sea canal SUEZ
Refrigerator, stove or dryer MAJORAPPLIANCE
Safin who won tennis' 2000 U.S. Open MARAT
Secret store STASH
See 1-Down STREET
Shaft of light RAY
Shark feature FIN
She sang the hit "Hello" ADELE
Sheriff Taylor's tyke OPIE
Slimy gunk GOO
Small dress size PETITE
Smells ODORS
Soft throws LOBS
Sominex or Unisom rival NYTOL
Spring back RECOIL
Squeaks (out) EKES
Streaming set-top box ROKU
Strep-treating doc ENT
Sturdy tree OAK
Suburb of Minneapolis EDENPRAIRIE
Susan of "Spring Fever" ANTON
Take to court SUE
Taken with INTO
Target of antiperspirant ARMPIT
Teachers' gp NEA
This second NOW
Thoughts IDEAS
Ticked (off) TEED
TV announcer Don PARDO
U.S. Navy noncom CPO
Universal donor blood type, in brief ONEG
Vain person's lack MODESTY
Viral misery FLU
Wanness PALLOR
Warship fleet ARMADA
With 22-Across, film "nightmare" locale ELM
Yule songs NOELS
— Mahal TAJ
— pot (sinus cleaner) NETI
— Stanley Gardner ERLE
— the line (obeyed) TOED