The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 3,232 - Mar 8 2024

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Clues Answers
... as news got around a city SWANSEA
A few present resistance further north ... THREE
A limit to well-founded rumour WORD
A tragic heroine, I died in Carmen? AIDA
Assimilate 17 5 a 18 25! INGEST
Badly in need of a holiday briefing RUNDOWN
Cloth product's trade name LINEN
Come to evaluate trophy for auditor WAKEUP
Dark radio piece NIGHT
Deal one makes put an end to hunger SCOTCHPINE
Departing founders of band call it what? Yadda Yadda Yadda ANDALLTHAT
Dig, perhaps LIKE
Endlessly striving for better pain relief ASPIRIN
Erase marks from ruler? DESPOT
Fanatic spoke for boxing clubs RADICAL
Flipping shrew let on about dress material BALBRIGGAN
Clues Answers
Getting this right would make the Tories understand TRUE
He leaves the new rep without a function TANGENT
I'll be collecting unloaded auction lots MANY
Is this buzzer now loud? WASP
It picks up sound when edge is taken, caught behind EARDRUM
Man on board so ill takes small dose of aperient salt BAKINGSODA
Old boy given time security guards dock BOBTAIL
Person with a kit for repairing pipe SEWER
Saw the Grand Master post each hour APOPHTHEGM
Still cracking a number of the middle bones? MEDICALMAN
Stove's missing a supply pipe? I'll come out GASMAN
Take commercial: a blast from the past? EGAD
Wheels away rubbish bags CARGOPANTS
Who's bringing the staff a nutmeg tree? MACEBEARER
With numbers short, 3 sandwiches = a picnic! NOSWEAT
Woman named herein ANNA