The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 28856

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Clues Answers
Attempt to seize power company at an end COUP
Brief time running banks FLEETING
Caught in net, a timid, recoiling ape IMITATE
City Democrat also called Republican DAKAR
Comes to the trails of ships WAKES
Doctor beginning to isolate blood vessel outside theatre drive-in
Eccentric and intelligent cheat card sharp
Exposed to elements endlessly in Scottish town? AIRDRIE
Fancy reason to save instant messages WHIMSY
Go out with Iberian native ABORIGINE
In French, German artist's not finished last ENDURE
Lean on pupil occasionally showing boredom ENNUI
Lethargy when running around India for a great distance light year
Machine packing seed for bird SANDPIPER
No longer interested in explorer's burn, perhaps OVERCOOK
Clues Answers
One regulation I'd set up for religious festival DIWALI
Passed down directly from new alien vessel's base LINEAL
Pleasant heading off to choose climbing tool ice pick
Programme is on a lease — that’s clear APPARENT
Severely criticise ruler getting upset about nothing ROAST
Show Conservative military group beginning of Times Jumbo, say AIRCRAFT
Shrewd publication is a buzzkill? FLYPAPER
Stay out of sight of ale, if people work drunk keep a low profile
Steer clear of area with invalid AVOID
Strategy in Ring opera, promoting right to take drugs? rope-a-dope
Sub confused with advice to submerge with tank? scuba-dive
Third person's at that location reportedly THEIR
Tobacco container put out next to TV SNUFFBOX
Unpleasant in a self-satisfied way, ignoring two leaders UGLY
US criminal and others embracing universal proposal is an impossibility? perpetual motion