L.A. Times Daily - Mar 6 2024

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Clues Answers
"Greetings!" HELLO
"I'm Just __": song sung by Ryan Gosling in "Barbie" KEN
"Indeed" SURE
"Scout's honor!" IPROMISE
"Show me!" CANISEE
"SportsCenter" channel ESPN
"Uh-huh" YEAH
"Ur not wrong" TRU
Abhor HATE
Accordion-heavy genre POLKA
Actress Suvari MENA
Ancient Greek theater ODEON
App with stories, familiarly INSTA
Australian avian EMU
Auto parts chain that shares a name with a California valley NAPA
Backpack contents GEAR
Ballet costume TUTU
Beaver's building DAM
Bring into play USE
Brute OGRE
C-suite qualifications MBADEGREES
Classic Pontiacs GTOS
Collect crops REAP
Cork citizens IRISH
Cut glass PANE
Cute __ button ASA
Didn't need to guess KNEW
Double helix molecule DNA
Enlightenment-era secret society ILLUMINATI
Family member with a heat lamp PETIGUANA
First light DAWN
Forever and ever AGES
Fuel that typically has an octane of 91 or higher PREMIUMGASOLINE
Gem with a honey variety OPAL
Golfer's goal PAR
Got the fire going again RELIT
Hissed summons PSST
Ikura at the sushi bar ROE
Clues Answers
Individuals ONES
Inner workings GUTS
Jorts fabric DENIM
Juárez water AGUA
Language on a longship NORSE
Like most highlighters NEON
Like some JFK flights INTL
Make sense ADDUP
Military unit with mechanized forces ARMOREDDIVISION
Milk source UDDER
Mosque leader IMAM
Offer as proof CITE
On a losing streak, or where to find 17-, 28-, and 47-Across INTHETANK
Pajama tops TEES
Pentathlon blade EPEE
Proofreader's catch TYPO
Public meltdown, maybe SCENE
Put one foot in front of the other? STEP
Sense of self EGO
Short time off? RANDR
Side braids or side shaves HAIRDOS
Small touches DABS
Smudge SMEAR
Subject with angles and equations MATH
Suni Lee's Olympic team USA
Travel guide MAP
Travels cross-country? SKIS
Trying times? TESTS
Tuesday fare TACOS
Tyler of "Empire Records" LIV
Ultimate word of an ultimatum ELSE
Was a poor winner GLOATED
Where to watch for deals? HSN
William Styron's "The Confessions of __ Turner" NAT
Word before or after nothing DOING
__ and file RANK
__ Lingus AER