- Mar 29 2011

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Clues Answers
''Mona __'' LISA
''Nothing __!'' (''Easy!'') TOIT
''That's correct'' ITISSO
A Great Lake ERIE
And others: Abbr. ETAL
Atlas page MAP
Ave. crossers STS
Beast of burden ASS
Beginning ADVENT
Beginning OUTSET
Bravery NERVE
Cape Canaveral org. NASA
Castle protection MOAT
Caterer's coffeepot URN
Con game SCAM
Cowboy's rope LASSO
Dad's boy SON
Decorative pitcher EWER
Des Moines' state IOWA
Deserve to receive EARN
Emphasize STRESS
Equips for battle ARMS
Espionage org. CIA
Eternally EVER
Eye-related OPTIC
Fanciful idea WHIMSY
Fargo, North __ DAKOTA
Fire setter's crime ARSON
Fundamentals ABCS
Greek alphabet enders OMEGAS
Grow weary TIRE
Gym pad MAT
Held one's ground STOODPAT
Housetop ROOF
Jury members PEERS
Lake near Reno TAHOE
Ltr. holder ENV
Mag. bosses EDS
Manicurist's target NAIL
Clues Answers
Mediocre SOSO
Mine product ORE
Mix in STIR
Moisten, as a turkey BASTE
Most sensible WISEST
Needing trimming to fit TOOBIG
Not as much LESS
Occupy, as a table SITAT
One with debts OWER
Open with a pop UNSNAP
Perceived to be SAWAS
Plant's underground part ROOT
Plaything TOY
Prayer enders AMENS
Prefix for violet ULTRA
Previous PRIOR
Radio-studio sign ONAIR
Ram constellation ARIES
Roll-call response HERE
Rolling stone's lack MOSS
Seafood entree FILLETOFSOLE
Short skirt MINI
Size between sm. and lge. MED
Smooth and glossy SLEEK
Sound booster AMP
Soup container CAN
Spinning toys TOPS
Squeezing snake BOA
Stick with HOLDTO
Sunrise direction EAST
Teacher's job security TENURE
Tells untruths LIES
Tennis-court divider NET
Tiny bit IOTA
Vulnerable spot ACHILLESHEEL
Window glass PANE
__ yet (so far) ASOF