L.A. Times Daily - Mar 4 2024

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Clues Answers
"C'__ la vie!" EST
"j" topper DOT
"That could happen" ITMAY
"The Little Mermaid" role for Halle Bailey ARIEL
"This is it for me!" IMSODONE
"Treasure Island" writer's monogram RLS
*Horse-drawn excursions SLEIGHRIDES
*Low-effort posts of vacation pics, say PHOTODUMPS
*Online journals for DIYers CRAFTBLOGS
*Warm alcoholic beverages with sugar and spices MULLEDWINES
Above-the-street trains ELS
Apple desktop MAC
Arctic mammal with tusks WALRUS
Arizona river GILA
Art world fraud FAKE
Artichoke core HEART
Back in time AGO
Banister post NEWEL
Be honest (with) LEVEL
Bench press muscle, for short PEC
Brood MOPE
Cabbage side often served in tiny cups SLAW
Cereal container BOX
Charitable sort DONOR
Colorful quartz AGATE
Compact Ford succeeded by the Focus ESCORT
Cute as can be ADORABLE
Divination deck TAROT
Expert dealmaker AGENT
Express relief SIGH
First stage in many an HGTV renovation show, informally DEMO
Former GM division with a globe in its logo GEO
French "his" SES
Get some exercise on the track JOG
Gibbon or gorilla APE
Graceful long-necked bird SWAN
Gradually stop nursing WEAN
Gut punch reaction OOF
Hair or carpet style SHAG
Clues Answers
Harley bike HOG
Hoover Dam lake MEAD
Human beings PEOPLE
Identify, as on Facebook TAG
James of "The White Lotus" THEO
Kissing in the park, briefly PDA
Kitchen gadget brand OXO
Like some pools TIDAL
Make a mistake ERR
Makes use (of) AVAILS
Moreno who owns the MLB's Angels ARTE
Much of a sunflower STEM
Neckline shape VEE
Nondairy spread OLEO
Optimally ATBEST
Peevishness BILE
Poetic feet in Shakespeare IAMBS
Pong producer ATARI
Post- opposite PRE
Printer stoppages JAMS
Regard highly ESTEEM
Respectable DECENT
Roof spot for holiday lights EAVE
Signs off on OKS
Skillful ADROIT
Snow coaster SLED
Step in for another, and what the answers to the starred clues literally do FILLONESSHOES
Stick up for DEFEND
Storm centers EYES
Take up again, as a case REHEAR
The "C" of CEO CHIEF
Time in office TENURE
Turkish title AGA
Twisty letter ESS
Uncommon RARE
Update to reflect new districts, say REMAP
Venerable British school ETON
__ for it: takes a chance GOES
__ seed bun SESAME