Universal - Feb 29 2024

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Clues Answers
"... yada yada" ETCETC
"Como ___?" ESTAS
"French" or "English" instrument HORN
"Hoppin' mad" feeling IRE
"Let's go!" CMON
"That feels goooooood" AHH
"The very ___!" IDEA
"You sure about that?" ISIT
3 o'clock, on a map EAST
38-Across container JAR
Act hawkish? SOAR
Animal kept around the house PET
Assistance AID
Beast that may have two horns RHINO
Biblical pronoun THEE
Bike company SCHWINN
Bonus feature ADDON
Bread served with a falafel bowl PITA
Building toy brand KNEX
Cards that top tens JACKS
Casual top TSHIRT
City in northwestern Nevada RENO
Coeur d'Alene's state IDAHO
Combs (through) SIFTS
Cook, like a tuna steak SEAR
Courtroom notetaker, informally STENO
Deep feeling of guilt REMORSE
Downright adorable sort CUTIE
Evil spirit DEMON
Fast planes JETS
Field trip transportation BUS
Fruit native to southern China ASIANPEAR
Gossipy person YENTA
Great distress WOE
I check! Chessplayer
Instrument in a jazz combo SAX
Clues Answers
It's my way to the highway! ONRAMP
Know-how SMARTS
Letter after sigma TAU
Letter writer's opener DEAR
Light throw TOSS
Not going anywhere IDLING
Opposite of forte, in a score PIANO
Orthodontist's area of expertise TEETH
Pain's fellow minion in "Hercules" PANIC
Palindromic family nickname SIS
Perched on ATOP
Permit LET
Pose in a bikram studio ASANA
Powder in an old chemistry classroom? CHALKDUST
Preliminary races HEATS
Protestant work ___ ETHIC
Recollection MEMORY
Second try REDO
Self-identifier sometimes paired with "ace" ARO
Self-identifier sometimes paired with "het" CIS
Set to assemble KIT
Signal CUE
Sixteenths of lbs OZS
Stand-up person MENSCH
State of confusion DAZE
Sticky spread JAM
Support bars RODS
Taken ___ (shocked) ABACK
Texas homecoming flower, for short MUM
Things "split" when picking nits HAIRS
Third-person possessive HIS
Tool used to work a plot HOE
Tuna that may top a rainbow roll AHI
Turf SOD
Tweak the wording of EDIT
Uses the pink part of a pencil ERASES
Vegetarian food brand AMYS
Wiped out ATEIT
Word before "fly" or "bunt" SAC