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Clues Answers
"Breakout" actress JILLIRELAND
"Car Talk" network NPR
"Dies —" (Mass hymn) IRAE
"Groovy!" NEATO
"Leaving on — Plane" AJET
"OMG, no more details" TMI
"Rambo" site, in brief NAM
"Send help!" SOS
"Toyboat" singer Yoko ONO
"— favor" POR
"— la vista!" HASTA
"— Meenie" (2010 song) EENIE
3,006, to Livy MMMVI
Actor Lew AYRES
Actress Meyers ARI
Angling pole ROD
Anise-flavored liqueur PERNOD
Arsenal stuff AMMO
Ate for supper, say DINEDON
Attend GOTO
Author Levin IRA
Back in time AGO
Baylor of basketball ELGIN
Big racket DIN
Bitter beers PORTERS
Bro, e.g SIB
Brussels — SPROUTS
Bygone Russ. state SSR
Camera type, for short SLR
Car company AUTOMAKER
Cartoon yell EEK
Cavity fillers' org ADA
Cen. units YRS
CEO's deg MBA
China's Zhou — ENLAI
Chinese menu declaration NOMSG
Color lighter than emerald LIMEGREEN
Deer's kin ELK
Denver-to-Bismarck dir NNE
Dieter's meal, maybe SALAD
Director DuVernay AVA
Driver's 180 UEY
Dubai's fed UAE
Exaggerated onstage HAMMY
Expulsion, informally HEAVEHO
Fashion designer Marc ECKO
Finish up END
First-aid ace EMT
Four: Prefix TETR
Hybrid tennis garment SKORT
Individual ONE
Is capable CAN
Jackpot game LOTTERY
Jazz singer Fitzgerald ELLA
Jungle vine LIANA
Kampala's country UGANDA
Knot up GNARL
Lacto- — -vegetarian OVO
Lay to rest INTER
Light ratio in astronomy ALBEDO
Longtime program on 80-Down featuring Celtic music THETHISTLEANDSHAMROCK
Look at SEE
Low grades DEES
Lyricist Sammy CAHN
Madrid man SENOR
Many a composition by John Philip Sousa MILITARYMARCH
Many a Top 40 song HITSINGLE
Marina "parking" fee MOORAGE
Mario's brother, in video games LUIGI
Clues Answers
Mascot of a "Fighting" NCAA team NOTREDAMELEPRECHAUN
Metal source ORE
More transparent SHEERER
MSN rival AOL
MSN, e.g ISP
Muscle jerk TIC
Music compilation record label KTEL
New World explorer Vespucci AMERIGO
Not fixed in place MOVABLE
Not outlawed LEGAL
Nothing NIL
NYC area near SoHo NOLITA
Observance associated with eight key words in this puzzle STPATRICKSDAY
Old-time actress Elena VERDUGO
Oom- — (polka sound) PAH
Opposite of fast-forward: Abbr REW
Pal, to Henri AMI
Part of NYC YORK
Pea family plant used as manure SWEETCLOVER
Perfect sites EDENS
Peter of Kiss CRISS
Pirate's cry YAR
Poet Rainer Maria — RILKE
Poker-faced, as a comic DEADPAN
Prepare for another use RESET
Properly arranged INORDER
Put a knot in TIE
Put off DETER
Rapping "Dr." DRE
Reach — (achieve some target) AGOAL
Recover lost ground CATCHUP
Regretted RUED
Relating to blood HEMAL
Rotating engine part CAM
Sci-fi talent ESP
Scottish "no" NAE
Shares part of a book with, say READSTO
Silver-gray ASH
Skyscraper girder IBEAM
Sleuth, in slang TEC
Small bite TASTE
Spanish cowboy GAUCHO
Special attention, in brief TLC
Spoiling a celebration RAININGONONESPARADE
Statement to a person who had a close call CONSIDERYOURSELFLUCKY
Stephen of "Citizen X" REA
Suffix with propyl ENE
Suffix with Tokyo ITE
Swiss peaks, in French ALPES
Talk formally ORATE
Tattoos, e.g BODYART
Tax form ID SSN
Tel. book collection NOS
Texas shrine ALAMO
Three, in Italy TRE
Toy truck producer TONKA
Toyota competitor HONDA
Tranquil SERENE
Twosome DUO
USN bigwig ADM
Very well-off RICH
Volkswagen ecocar EGOLF
Welcome kit pin-on NAMETAG
Went aboard GOTON
Witch group COVEN
Writer LeShan EDA
— about ONOR
— Aviv-Jaffa TEL
— Lingus AER