The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 3,225 - Feb 27 2024

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Clues Answers
Addiction: Hard? Not entirely HABIT
Ambush in district after uprising TRAP
Chap defending conflict, the bane of office workers? MALWARE
Crew visiting guru in days gone by STEAMAGE
Day in sport, running and jumping Hurdling
Describing thin walls of cells, metal inside concrete RETINAL
Extraordinary fat Austrian composer, a pain FLABBERGASTING
French port in Grenoble unavailable at first, so rum drunk BOULOGNESURMER
Fruit course delivered CURRANT
Go to pay for drinks, and cry SHOUT
God accommodated in secular establishment ARES
Grey matter, that which is usually brown or white LOAF
House and home of a sport LORDS
Huge metal object in space, gold tooth? ORBITER
Insect briefly circles top of tall flower LOTUS
Main road, one passing through channel CARDINAL
Clues Answers
Melted chocolate drunk without stopping AROUNDTHECLOCK
Old place of birth outlined in note NATURAL
One bird pecked another BITTERN
Pane spattered with oil, whitish glass OPALINE
Pest shot SLUG
Piquancy in short dance TANG
Power in three leaders in Luxembourg and Italian capital TRIPOLI
Report in good time? BOOM
Right story ending in redemption LIEN
Score tied in the end, bet off DEBT
Shawl nicked STOLE
Song priest sang at Latin Mass, originally PSALM
Spook just haunting wetland FRIGHTEN
Tidy feathers on entering coop PREEN
Wave by one jetty? EBONY