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Clues Answers
"How ___ you going to get there?" ARE
"Only X's and O's" in tic-tac-toe, for one RULE
"True ___" (Western classic) GRIT
"What's up, ___?" (Bugs Bunny catchphrase) DOC
A sleeve covers it ARM
Albacore, for one TUNA
Amenity for showerheads (2 words) WATERSOFTENER
Arctic mass (2 words) ICECAP
Assist someone in criminality ABET
Beyond dry, as a desert SERE
Bigger than medium LARGE
Bring to a conclusion END
Certain halftime performer (2 words) DRUMMAJORETTE
Dashboard dial, briefly TACH
Did away with a dragon SLEW
Disconnect, as a trailer UNCOUPLE
Discover FIND
Every single one ALL
Fancy spread for crackers PATE
Film beforehand PRERECORD
Frantic HECTIC
Gardening tool HOE
Get on one's nerves RILE
Grassy South American plains PAMPAS
Grief-stricken BEREFT
Grows older AGES
Horse's pace TROT
It stimulates an immune response ANTIGEN
Itty-bitty WEE
Jiffy ___ LUBE
Clues Answers
Jumping-off point for some skydivers CLIFF
Key street for local parades (2 words) MAINDRAG
Less than twice ONCE
Like a high-spirited puppy ENERGETIC
Lithium-___ battery ION
Made one sheet two sheets TORE
Make a sketch DRAW
Mister SIR
News summary RECAP
Notable time in history ERA
Old Roman robe TOGA
PC insert CDROM
Plunge a toothpick into an olive STAB
Poet's "before" ERE
Provide one's support to, as a candidate ENDORSE
Sharp part of a knife EDGE
Shoe buyer's concern FIT
Skating surface ICE
Some ANY
Something you tune up AUTO
Sound from the barn MOO
Spoken ORAL
Taunt JEER
Tear loudly RIP
Terminer go-with OYER
Valuable rock found in a groundbreaking ORE
Wide-eyed AGOG
X-___ (superhero team) MEN