Universal - Feb 21 2024

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Clues Answers
"At Last" jazz legend ___ James ETTA
"I feel the same!" METOO
"Impressive!" NICE
"Jackie Look" creator Cassini OLEG
"Just amazing!" UNREAL
"King of Rock and Roll" ELVIS
"Queen of Country" McEntire REBA
"Really?" ISIT
"What did I get myself ___?" INTO
"___ Miz" LES
"___ Nights at Freddy's" (2023 horror flick) FIVE
"___ of Avalor" (former Disney series) ELENA
'60s psychedelic LSD
0 shape OVAL
Acceptable reason to show up late to work? NIGHTDUTY
Animal hideouts LAIRS
Answer to "What's down?" DUCKFEATHERS
Answer to "What's left?" THEREMAINDER
Answer to "What's right?" THATDEPENDS
Answer to "What's up?" NOTHINGMUCH
Arousing SEXY
Backspace over DELETE
Beats by ___ DRE
Big Apple mayor Adams ERIC
Carving on a pole TOTEM
Church composition that's an anagram of 31-Down MOTET
Congee ingredient RICE
Cook for hours STEW
Debt voucher, for short IOU
Divisible by two EVEN
Drive up the wall VEX
Excellent, in the '90s PHAT
Eyepieces for the rich, stereotypically MONOCLES
Fine to consume EDIBLE
Former lovers EXES
Futon frame part SLAT
Got larger GREW
Healthy green KALE
Clues Answers
Increase, as a gap WIDEN
Kind of chart featuring a CEO ORG
Kuwaiti noble EMIR
Land with sea all around ISLE
Landlocked West African country MALI
Letters on an envelope ATTN
Like a disreputable bar SEEDY
Lizard with a dewlap IGUANA
Login name USERID
Magazine unit ISSUE
Mind reader's "ability": Abbr ESP
Mined stuff ORE
Most geeky NERDIEST
Munch between meals NOSH
Munched ATE
Not include OMIT
One of a biblical 150 PSALM
Palette choice HUE
Part of UCLA LOS
Presidential power VETO
Schemes to lighten people's wallets SCAMS
See 14-Across OPERA
Six-pt. football plays TDS
Skimpy bikini bottom THONG
Song for two DUET
Sophisticated and stylish CLASSY
Sour fruit LEMON
Spanish surrealist Salvador DALI
Stick with marks RULER
Supervisors OVERSEERS
Tequila plant AGAVE
Tyrannosaurus ___ REX
What a fireplace exudes WARMTH
Where MDs make the cut? ORS
With 4-Down, "Days of Our Lives" or "Coronation Street" SOAP
Word after "fairy" or "folk" TALE
Zigzaggy ski race SLALOM
___ Traffic Merge Left THRU