Family Time - Feb 12 2024

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Clues Answers
"... ___ the wild blue yonder" INTO
"A ___ Called Christmas" (Netflix animated movie) BOY
"Above," in the U.S. anthem OER
"American ___" (TV show) IDOL
"Comin' ___' the Rye" THRO
"Go, team, go!" RAH
"How ___ you doing that?" ARE
"Present" HERE
"Rubble & Crew," to "PAW Patrol" SPINOFF
"These ___ the same socks I wore yesterday!" ARENT
"___ Panda" (animated movie) (2 words) KUNGFU
'Twas right now? TIS
Alike AKIN
Arabian and Caspian SEAS
Arial or Comic Sans FONT
Ball in a skull EYE
Big inconvenience HASSLE
Communion plate PATEN
Confiscated TOOK
Curly-leafed veggies KALES
Decay ROT
Donkey sounds HEEHAWS
Farm unit ACRE
Grass-and-mud shacks HUTS
Health resort SPA
Hit lightly TAP
JFK guess ETA
Joint problem GOUT
Kind of lift, pole or jump SKI
Lacking decisiveness HESITANT
Large deer ELK
Clues Answers
Lawful, informally LEGIT
Less than 21-Across ONE
Like an exit ramp (2 words) ONEWAY
Like many crossword clues ending in "?" PUN
Make over, from the start REDO
Ministers PASTORS
Most honorable NOBLEST
Number of sides on a dime TWO
Part of the hearing organ you can see (2 words) OUTEREAR
Part of the seeing organ UVEA
Piglet's mom SOW
Pro's opposite ANTI
Reason for a sports team to take the bus (2 words) AWAYGAME
Russian spirit VODKA
Salt Lake City resident UTAHAN
Sedan CAR
Shel Silverstein or A.A. Milne POET
Small earrings STUDS
Squeeze (out) EKE
Taj Mahal city AGRA
Tour de France, for example RACE
Up-to-date antelope? GNU
Vegetable to cry over? ONION
Villain's expression SNEER
Volcanic output ASH
What did your cow just say? MOO
Wintry downfall SNOW
Word after "lie" or "metal" DETECTOR
Writing instrument PEN