Universal - Feb 12 2024

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Clues Answers
"Doing all right?" YOUOKAY
"I can neither confirm ___ deny ..." NOR
"Ri-i-ight" IBET
"Tell ___ About It" (Billy Joel song) HER
"Very funny" HAHA
*"This honor is too lofty for us!" WERENOTWORTHY
*Best experience ever for us TIMEOFOURLIVES
*Part of a successful return to Earth SMOOTHREENTRY
*Still going, but barely (Theme hint: The starred clues' answers hide a sequence) RUNNINGONEMPTY
Abel's brother CAIN
Add a touch of color to TINT
Altar affirmation IDO
Apartment pest, informally ROACH
Bring up, or something to bring up REAR
Carmela Soprano portrayer Falco EDIE
Convent residents NUNS
Cow's mouthful CUD
Craft in a mysterious photo UFO
Director Howard RON
Discretion TACT
Docking place PIER
Dr. Frankenstein's assistant IGOR
Egg (on) URGE
Electric bass technique SLAP
Flight woe DELAY
Flower that's poisonous to cats LILY
Flows slowly SEEPS
Fuel-efficient mode of transport for freight RAIL
Fusilli or tagliatelle PASTA
Hammer's target NAIL
Hand, in Havana MANO
Headliner STAR
Honolulu's home OAHU
Intense anger WRATH
It's between a walk and a canter TROT
Kill it SLAY
Like an unfeeling gaze STONY
Like sashimi RAW
Clues Answers
Molecule building block ATOM
Mopey music genre EMO
Moves on wheels ROLLS
One way to be taken ABACK
Phone sound RING
Pittsburgh football team STEELERS
Poison control? ANTIDOTE
Qatari leader EMIR
Raises children PARENTS
Rand McNally reference book ATLAS
Real hoot RIOT
Scratch, for example MAR
Singer Minnelli LIZA
Soft French cheese BRIE
Some arm art, for short TATS
Some books NOVELS
Student's stressors EXAMS
Subj. with supply curves ECON
Sweet potato YAM
Tequila brand with a matador on its label ELTORO
Texter's "In truth ..." TBH
Throw off, as light EMIT
Touches, in a playground game TAGS
Truck with many axles SEMI
Type of salami GENOA
Understands GETS
Unhealthily pale ASHY
Unit of land area ACRE
Untamed WILD
What's helpful when you need to raise dough? YEAST
Winter hibernator BEAR
Word after "face" or "bake" OFF
Worry obsessively STEW
Zoned-out state TRANCE
___ code (set of laws for the IRS) TAX
___ to fail TOOBIG
___ urchin SEA