The Guardian - Quiptic crossword No 1,264 - Feb 12 2024

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Clues Answers
Alliance lacks power to make law ACT
America supports group position taken by yogis LOTUS
Bearing responsibility for clue type solvers can crack ANSWERABLE
Bloody choice between sides in galaxy GORY
Choice by bishop is sound PLUMB
Coalition working away to establish learning establishment UNI
Colouring agent in jelly that's provocative KINKY
Conscious about what all kings expect initially AWAKE
Country artist holds spellbinding instrument RWANDA
Dancing is fun fad – that's my final comment NUFFSAID
Delicate edges in finer imperial livery FRILLY
Demonstrating about exhibition that's been cancelled SHOWINGOFF
Device first to be used if computer stops working? ONOFFSWITCH
Doesn't overreact when losing toys DOWNPLAYS
Dubious deal on defender BACKHAND
Clues Answers
Dylan side reworked will create wrath perhaps DEADLYSIN
Elected to store pipe in empty cabin CHOSEN
Expense of turning around design OUTLAY
Identical line contributed to ruler showing star quality TWINKLING
Impedes risky undertakings STUNTS
It's simple to deploy army under it RUDIMENTARY
Lose pay in travelling around this island region POLYNESIA
Posts put up backward slob, full of fat BOLLARDS
Reluctant to acquire a horse so unkempt SHAGGY
Remove tear in strapping STRIPOUT
Rubbish parade Bristol hosts DEBRIS
Seasoned actor provides well established benefit OLDPRO
Slick and regularly social yankee OILY
Something that can be added to Pennine town BOLTON
Surpass available series OUTRUN