The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 29,303 - Feb 12 2024

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Clues Answers
A bishop finished, almost — in heaven? ABOVE
Also related being deceived TOOKIN
Appointments — mine gets rearranged MEETINGS
Area of Europe crumbling into sea ESTONIA
Converse about the French holiday home CHA
Crop tail, suffering in such heat TROPICAL
Drink too much to exercise TOPE
Getting into Emirates improperly, very short cut TIMESAVER
Glasses of wine knocked back in bad temper STROP
Group of artists urgently enthusiastic? RARING
Hide in a corner of Greek island SECRETE
Householder making very slow progress SNAIL
In August, a stag with lots of points and a beard IMPERIAL
In short test, four or six quiz questions perhaps TRIVIA
Inclination to talk hypocritically CANT
Keep one article away from us GUARD
Clues Answers
Local speech day: smart chap opens it DIALECT
Mechanism to eliminate sex crime? DEVICE
Old lady on airline to India — where exactly? MUMBAI
One bearing stripes from such punishment? CORPORAL
One for placing behind the silver? BRONZE
Popular schoolgirl royally entertained at the Albert Hall? PROMQUEEN
Sack employees in insufficient numbers, getting attacked? UNDERFIRE
See 14 LET
See 16 AGE
Sexless: imagine uterus partially removed NEUTER
Speech to which no one replies SOLILOQUY
Stretch old canvas EXTENT
To be given a lift not initially approved of RAISED
Top tune, two consecutive notes short DESCANT
Trump extremely liable to be disturbing RUFFLE
Woman entitled to conceal a grand loss DAM