The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 3,249 - Jan 28 2024

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Clues Answers
A little candy out here for child YOUTH
As miniature chocolate might be -- in a nutshell? SHORTANDSWEET
Bountiful braille that's dotty! LIBERAL
Brainiac originally getting stuck into a large, complex calculation ALGEBRA
Coarse skin on rhino, yuk! ROUGH
Contrary commercial composition ADVERSE
Desecration of nearest grave EARNEST
Difference in microns rose CRIMSON
Environment not entirely welcomed by bowler, say HABITAT
Examine old reject VETO
Extreme dictators having dropped to ground DRASTIC
Extremes of toil involved in task, crack up CHORTLE
For example, a claret I spilt ARTICLE
Gawp at other guys, looking eager initially OGLE
Generally, the story's over then? ALLTOLD
Hearts, say, in action SUIT
Clues Answers
However, little time for consideration THOUGHT
Immoral behaviour, very cold stuff VICE
Legendary beast confined to Skye, timorous YETI
Meat as a rule with veg is cooked LIVERSAUSAGE
Multi-million pound contract? Whatevs! BIGDEAL
Naive politician GREEN
Novel altered by lie, on purpose DELIBERATELY
Price to pay with a Spanish tourist destination COSTA
Region, part of hectare, apparently AREA
Sap in scarlet went to bed RETIRED
Signal put aside, reportedly? WAVE
Start support for young bird GOSLING
Vehicle really for restaurant CARVERY
Very old tin with cane, thrashed ANCIENT
Very pink, once in a blue moon! RARE
Where food missing bib might end up -- wasted! UNDERTHETABLE