The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 3,216 - Feb 9 2024

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Clues Answers
'Wild cat' her Valentine's signature? LYN
A little sustenance at supper-time? EATS
An absence of American intellect NOUS
Appeal that was, perhaps, way out EXIT
Book group (8), but missing the show, sadly WHOSWHO
Boss fleeced dimwits UMBO
Direct route from Selby to Gateshead? AIM
FC Flora's home wingers missing testimonial, as I am ESTONIA
He/she might burn out rockers, but not for long THEHIGHNUMBERS
Intro from this musical group slipped in by Halloween party? WITCHESSABBATH
Jack's behind ex-Gold Coast clothing firm's cutting winter wear AFGHANCOAT
Large-scale spread? Not always large or small ACREAGE
Managed a single marathon? RUN
Means study in second-class state BREADANDBUTTER
Clues Answers
Moves data describing aviation fanatic? UPLOADS
Party people still standing STAGNATION
Price offered for horse painting left misery SPOILSPORT
Prone to intermittent leaks, kept mum in case ETUI
Republican vote for Old Overholt & co RYES
So close, having exchanged tips THUS
Some charge for every pardon in love AMPEREHOUR
Sort we compare to round-dodging drunk TWOPOTSCREAMER
Superman uniform, shade of blue, being adorned with merch pants! UBERMENSCH
Tar has caught cold on windy moor CASTANCHOR
The answer is here in the written word END
Top hat in America and China CROWNDERBY
Worry about parcels on my order from two parts of Europe GRECOROMAN
Writer given second reminder MEMO